Thursday, March 20, 2014

Griffin Scout - 18 Months

We're much closer to 19 months now, but I thought I would share an update on our sweet boy. So cliche, but it is so hard to believe how fast the past year and a half has flown by. Griff seems bigger and bigger (though still small compared to most!) with every passing day  He is quite a sponge learning new words and copying our actions, thus keeping mom and dad on our toes with what we're saying and doing! (no more butts and shut ups!)


Some of his new words include marker, church, calling our dog by name instead of just puppy, Pe Cat (for Peg + Cat on PBS), Melmo, shoe, and sock. Thankfully he is able to communicate his needs with us more now which makes for some easier days.

We finally have a book lover on our hand who is willing to sit still long enough for us to read a full book to him. It's wonderful to be able to sit him on the bed with a pile of books while I get ready and know he will be entertained.


 Lest you think too highly of my kid, I also have to confess that we have a major "Cookie" monster on our hands... Around the holidays I downloaded the Cookie Calls app on my iphone for G, but he never really paid attention to it when I tried to get him to play with it. He was just more interested in pushing the button and hearing Siri talk. I'm not sure what happened, but it was as if a switch flipped over night and he knew he needed that game. So now  if he sees our phones or ipads, it's "Cookie! Cookie! Cookie!" over and over until we tell him no, thus bringing on a nice tantrum. His addiction feels slightly like a mom fail, but the fact that our long car trips are much quieter now while he plays cookie also makes it seem like a win. Guess we'll just call it a wash!


This has by far been our worst time change experience. Griff is still waking up pretty early in the mornings (6:30ish) and won't go back to sleep, even though he's obviously still sleepy. He's then been taking two two hour naps each day, which is kinda nice, but also hurts our social calendar and errand running. The plus side is that he's finally back to sleeping through the night, so I know that this too will pass and some day be a distant memory.


Griff really has such a sweet personality and is quick to give us lots of hugs and kisses. Cody is good to roll with it and we know it's just a phase, but he is hands down a momma's boy right now. We spend all day together and once Cody get's home, you would think I hadn't picked Griff up all day long with the way he clings and cries to me. It is slightly flattering but sometimes smothering :) He's fine once I leave though and I've told Cody just to hold tight... He'll be the favorite parent from 4-18!


Griff did have a traumatic duck feeding experience... it was so much fun he couldn't contain himself and went right into the pond to try and touch the ducks. That meant that mom got to go into the pond to rescue him too... I think we'll wait until it's a little warmer before we try that again! (plus take dad so he can go in after g!)


We have our share of long days and brief moments where I think about starting the job search (or maybe just enrolling G in daycare so I can stay home alone!) but I am so thankful for this little boy. The Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he made me a boy mom, specifically this boy's mom.  You are so loved Griffin Scout!

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  1. "No butts and shut ups!" Hahaha I hear you! This made me LOL. We've got to curb the c-r-a-p. Oops!

    Isaac also loves hearing Siri... such funny boys. He's also figured out that he likes taking selfies (usually with his tongue out! hahaha!) and typing random letters in text messages. I have also been known to hand over my phone to prevent/quiet a meltdown. Oh well.


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