Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Bachelor Wedding

What's a Bachelor wedding without some live updating? I don't even watch this show anymore, but I really didn't think the wedding would end up happening so I wanted to see what the fuss was about! 

- How much did you love it when Chris Harrison stumbled over his words during the intro? He's the one man who can make it look glamourous. 

- Does anyone else find that "grown sexy" sounds a little weird and doesn't really go with "whimsical?"

- While showing Sean and Catherine moving her to Dallas,  why must they show a live shot from the honeymoon suite? Come on. That's weird.  {update: why do they keep doing live shots from the wedding suite?? that is in no way shape or form necessary!} 

- Did she not have any furniture that she moved to town? Will that come later? She's in a bed now so obviously it got there some how... did they move it or did ABC furnish a whole new bedroom suite for her? 

- Anyone else wish they would share how much this shin dig costs?

- Did Sean's family pay for the rehearsal dinner? ;)

- How sweet is it that they asked his dad to officiate the wedding?

- I mean, I think it's awesome that they are waiting till their wedding night. Did they have to make sure a big deal about it though? I guess it is such a rarity in Hollywood now so they focused on it, but really people. Stop making them repeat it.  And doing segments over it. We get it. They haven't had sex. Move on. 

- This lingerie shopping experience is just awkward.  What producer came up with idea and laughed while it all took place?

- That cake decorating segment they did... can you imagine being in a public place and throwing sprinkles all over someone else and then putting blue icing on your lips? Is this something you can get away with when you're with a tv crew?

- Do you think that Sean's family rolls their eyes at some of the things he does on tv? For instance, giving Catherine the lingerie. Like I have to believe that this idea was one of the producers. But seriously, can you not say, "Yeah, I think that's best left off air!" 

- Seeing his brother-in-law pray over him was really sweet.

- Showing you choosing outfits for your boudoir photos?!?!?!? Is nothing sacred any more?????????

- Sean's mom's dress was a great choice. She looked really pretty!

- Not sure how I feel about the bridesmaid dresses. It seems as if she had two styles, yet Shay and her maid of honor were the only ones wearing different dresses, which seems odd to me. Also, I feel for the girl who had all of her back fat shown on national television. Someone should have given her a wrap or something to help conceal that for her sake. 

- Are the bridesmaids and groomsmen going to sit through the whole thing?!? Was there just not enough room for them to stand?

- What were the 2Cellos playing during the bride's entrance? That is the strangest song I've heard.

- His tears were adorable. I feel better knowing that he must really love her. Ha! 

- The dad did a great job with the ceremony. Someone help me out, is he a pastor? 

- Was it a silent prayer or did they have the 2Cellos start playing again to cover up the prayer? 

All in all, a sweet service. The Lowe family seems super sweet and not really one for all of the spotlight, so I hope that their lives can calm down now that the wedding has taken place.  Best wishes Sean and Catherine! Now, if I only had some wedding cake to celebrate...

Did you watch? What are your thoughts? Are you a butterfly who has blossomed and is #grownsexy? :) 

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  1. Hahaha love your thoughts!! OK I totally thought the cello song during Catherine's walk down the aisle was weird and anticlimactic! They were super talented but that song was just a bizarre choice. I would LOVE to know the bottom line pricetag on the wedding...must be nice to have ABC footing your bills! Yeah, Sean's dad is a pastor- I thought he did such a good job! And I thought it was super weird that they had 85 bridesmaids/groomsmen and then they were nowhere to be seen during the ceremony! I guess they sat? So bizarre! The sprinkle fight at the cake shop induced eye rolling. Come on. I get the feeling that the camera guys are like "do something quirky and cute!" and drag them into stunts like that. LAAAME.


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