Thursday, January 9, 2014

Life Isn't Fair

Our church offers a work out class three times a week that I was a faithful attendee of for the fall semester. Cody attended for a three week time period before falling through the ceiling and putting a hiatus on his work out career.  During that three week period though, we did have a weigh in that we both attended to track our stats. Since then, our class took a break over the holidays. Between traveling, finishing school, parties, etc. we knew attendance would be slim and decided the leaders could use a break. Tonight was a kick off night where we weighed in with the holiday bad news and start back with the exercise on Monday.

Want to know the results of the weigh ins?

After eating whatever the heck I wanted, in large quantities, without any form of exercise for the past six weeks, I weigh POINT EIGHT pounds more than when I am watching what I'm consuming and working out a lot. Like, that is pretty much the necklace I was wearing.  Taking that off would have probably taken me under that previous weight!

Please, someone explain to me why I even try???


Want to know what is even more depressing?

Cody hasn't worked out since October, he's eaten a lot more junk in larger quantities than me, and HE'S LOST SEVEN POUNDS!!!!!

Why has the universe cursed women?

Life just isn't fair sometimes.

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  1. Men and their ability to lose weight without even trying. Ugh! On the bright side, you can indulge in your sweet tooth more often without worrying about gaining 7 pounds =)


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