Monday, August 5, 2013

Do Weird Things.

Lucky for me, I came home Friday night childless! My parents were already going to be staying the night with us on Saturday night on their way for a work trip with my dad, so they offered to bring Griff down with them so I could have free time. Cody was originally going to be out of town with the youth group, but his trip ended up getting cancelled so we had 24 hours to ourselves!

Because we are wild and crazy, we headed out to dinner at Pizza Inn because we had a coupon for a free buffet.  We could have gone somewhere a little more fancy, but let's be honest, when you get to eat out without wrangling your child the whole time, anywhere feels like somewhere fancy!  While we were there, I noticed a woman walk in about out age who was carrying her toddler son. I watched her for a while before pointing her out toCody, saying, "She looks like she's at our stage in life. I should go ask her to be my friend." We laughed about how weird she would think I was if I actually did it. The more we laughed about it though, the more I felt like I needed to go do it.

Finally, she was up by herself at the buffet and Cody told me just to go and do it. Feeling like a crazy person, I headed off to go say hi and introduce myself. Of course, right as I was almost up there, she headed back to her table, so I ended up meeting her there and kind of fumbling over a "Hi... my name is Abby... I noticed you're about my age and have young, we're new to town so I just wanted to say hi as we're trying to meet new people..." Thankfully Cody joined me at this time, where I was able to introduce him to the couple  and explain that we moved to town for him to be the youth minister at Colonial Hill Baptist Church.

Turns out that they actually come to our church, but have just had a busy summer and haven't been able to come in a few weeks. She invited me to join her group that plays pokeno and we're going to try and have a play date soon. I was working in the nursery Sunday morning so I didn't see her that morning, but did see her kids there so I know they were there. I'm excited at the prospect of another new friend in town!

The moral of this story is: sometimes when you get a weird, wild hair idea to reach out to someone you don't know, maybe it's the Holy Spirit just helping you to make a new friend!


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