Thursday, May 16, 2013


- It's 7:20, Griff is in bed, I sent Cody off to see the new Star Trek movie, I've got a large Diet Dr. Pepper... I think I can make it to the weekend!

- Since we have less than a month till we leave on vacation, I decided I should finally start doing something to get beach ready. Let's just say that a carb free abby = a cranky abby.  I'd made it 4 days without carbs (save for a few potatoes on Monday) and was doing good.... until I ate a ginormous piece of buttermilk pie all by myself today. Oops! {I am happier now though!}

- Teething is just no fun. Griff has been equal parts whiney/needy and utterly bored with me all week long. Coupled with the fact that he's justalmost about to start crawling, homeboy has had so much going on developmentally, it's made for a long week around these parts. So much so that we went to the park today and there's no telling what exactly ended up in his mouth... but at least he was happy!


- Since I've started staying at home, I've developed a bad habit of drinking three cups of coffee a day. This wouldn't be such a bad deal if I drunk straight coffee, but I like creamer with a little bit of coffee. {hence the carb free cranky abby} I've weaned myself back to two and will eventually make it to one.. though I can't say there won't be some three cup of coffee kinda days in my future!

- I realized today that I haven't done anything fun and crafty in way too long. Which is probably contributing a lot to edge I've been feeling lately. Looks like this weekend will be focused on finishing up my craft room so I can create something.

- I've joined the Teva world, outright copying several of the girls here. Admittedly, we all say they're not exactly the cutest shoes ever {some might even say ugly!} but y'all, THEY ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES EVER.  I've worn them all day long, every day since I got them and will definitely live in them all summer long. The only problem I've found is that that black sole seems to rub off on my feet... making it look like I don't shower. Fun! I've already found a remedy for this though.. weekly pedicures! 


Those are my confessions for this week... what about yours?

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