Friday, March 1, 2013

6 Months

I can hardly believe how was the time has flown by, but our sweet Griffin is 6 months old! He is seriously the light of our lives and I can't remember how we ever lived without him. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures over the last 6 months:

g6 1

 g6 2

g6 5

g6 4

g6 3

{any guesses as to why my iPhone runs slower than dirt? He's too cute to delete any of my pictures!}

We won't go for his 6 month check up for another few weeks, but he's weighing in around 17 lbs right now. We haven't tried to measure him lately, but I won't be surprised when he's grow a good amount. He's still pretty husky :) but I'm starting to feel like he's getting more long than round!

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At 6 months:

Griff is working on sitting up on his own. I certainly wouldn't walk away and just leave him sitting up alone, but with every passing day he's getting better and better at it.

He's mostly sleeping through the night, with the exception of the 6 month growth spurt that just hit. Most days he's down for the night by 6:30 and I go get him up in the morning around 6:45. We're still having a few random times that require a little crying it out, but I'm hoping that those are about to be a thing of the past.

Is starting to eat some baby foods. We started trying rice cereal around 4 months and baby foods a few weeks later, but Griff wasn't too interested. We don't have much time in the morning or evenings during the work week to feed him so I conceded and started sending food to daycare. He's doing well and eating about one packet over the course of the day.

Loves bath time and playing with toys! He loves to be naked and squirm around but the second you start putting his pj's on... the melt down starts!

Still doesn't nap well at daycare. Apparently our social butterfly has more important things to do!

Squeals like a girl :) Griff has recently discovered just how high he voice can go and he loves trying it out every chance he gets! We're hearing a few "Buh" sounds but no interest in mama or dada.

 Has his eye on the prize: Dakota! Griff now realizes that we have this other strange creature that lives with us and all he wants in the world is to touch him. Kota, of course, thinks that this would be the end of the world and will do whatever it takes to stay away from his touch. It's pretty funny to watch!

Sadly, probably thinks that Cody is more funny than I am. For now I've had to concede that he make bath time more fun than I do and gets way more giggles because of it. Don't day is coming!
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Here's to our next 6 months!


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