Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pinner Pinner Chicken Dinner {one}

With our impending move, we've been cleaning out closets and getting rid of items that we don't use and don't want to move with us. Our house is slowly but surely getting sell ready, so I've turned my attention to cleaning out something else: our freezer.

I've lucked into some pretty good sales on meat and bread that were about to expire, plus I froze several casseroles before I started maternity leave. We haven't used up the items as quickly as I thought we would, so now we're looking at moving a freezer full of food, which just makes me nervous that something is going to happen and we'll be left with 15 casseroles to eat in 3 days time.

So, as appealing as eating out every single night sounds so I don't mess up our kitchen, I've been forcing myself to use things from our stockpile to help cut down on what we'll need to move. Here are two recipes that I tried in the past week that Cody and I both declared were winners.


{click the picture to see the recipe}

We had this last night for dinner with mini cinnamon rolls. You basically layer biscuits, sausage, cheese and an egg mixture then bake for 30 minutes. The change that I made was to add green chilies, as I think any breakfast casserole is made better with them! The other change that I had to make was to layer a few biscuits on top. It says that you can use Grands biscuits with an 8x8 pan, but all 8 biscuits would not fit at the bottom. Having the additional layer of biscuits on top added a little extra umph and some extra cooking time!

{click the picture to see the recipe}

Y'all,  I made this recipe last Tuesday and I was still thinking about how good it was last night. That's how much I liked it! {which also might give some insight into the reason why I haven't lost any wight on my diet, ha!} The only change I will make to it next time is the use another can of crescent rolls to cover the top of the dish to give it more crust {because mine did not look nearly as pretty as this picture!} I was reading through the comments on the recipe and someone suggested adding in mushrooms and onion. I think you could add in any items you enjoy on a pizza and they would go great in this dish.  Good thing I have a lot of ground beef to cook up... you better believe I'll be making this again soon! 


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