Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Well, Griffin made it through 4 days of daycare before we had our first battle with sickness. It started on a Friday morning when his fake cough {you know, the "I want your attention!" cough} actually had some congestion with it.  By Saturday, his congestion, cough and stuffed up nose were much worse, so we called our pedi to check in.  We'd spent the day rubbing Vicks on his chest and feet, using saline and cleaning out his nose and sitting in a steamy bathroom. He said we were pretty much doing everything we could, but if Griff wasn't better the next day, he would be in the office and we could come in if we needed to.

Sunday came and Griff seemed even worse with lots of coughing and wheezing,  so we decided to take him in. I really thought the dr. would say we were doing everything we could, but as it turns out, his cough turned in to bronchitis and he had an ear infection.  We had to do a breathing treatment before we could leave and left with prescriptions to treat both his ear and bronchitis.

gave up a Sunday afternoon nap to take griff to the dr. {that should prove the depths of my love for him}. thankful for medicine and a great dr willing to work weekends. here's hoping he gets better quick!
{parents... prepare yourself. baby's HATE breathing treatments! they are not fun!}

Even with the breathing treatments and medicine, he still got worse before he finally started getting better. Cody ended up staying home with him several days last week in hopes that it would help him get better quicker, but I'm not really sure it did much for him. I laugh when I think about those first few weeks when we brought Griffin home from the hospital. I remember Cody saying one day, "it sounds like he's having trouble breathing... could he have a cough?" My mom listened and said, "I know it sounds bad, but trust me, you'll know when he really has a cough." She wasn't lying y'all. There is nothing more heart breaking than your poor baby being sick and not really being able to do anything about it.  We did lots of snuggling last week to try and keep Griff as comfortable as possible.

excited for three days of snuggling with this guy!

It took the full week, but thankfully Griff is finally on the mend.  We stayed home from church on Sunday {he's still coughing and slightly congested, we figure our friends don't want us to share the germs with their kids} and it was the first day we finally saw the spark back in Griff's eyes.

still not quite 100%, but thankful this guy is feeling much better!

I knew our first round of sickness was eventually coming and I'm glad that it wasn't worse than it was. I know we still have a few more winter months to get through and Griff will get sick again. Here's hoping we're more prepared next time!


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  1. Poor guy! I am dreading Isaac's first bout of sickness. I tell people when I'm bragging on my sweetheart that he's wonderful now, but that we haven't dealt with teeth or sickness yet!


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