Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

well hello there dear blog world. between work, prepping for the holidays, holiday parties and surgery the week before christmas, blogging definitely took a major back seat. we have then had a whirlwind few days of hitting the road, celebrating the holidays with cody's family, traveling through snow, and then celebrating christmas with my family, with one more round to come on saturday.

the holidays have been a little different, as I'm having to take things slower these days. I had surgery on the 17th to have the fibroid removed from my uterus. the surgery went well without any major complications, though the my doctor did have to make a bigger incision than planned. basically my uterus was the size of an egg and the fibroid was the size of a baby's head behind it. I spent one night in the hospital {amen nurses who let me get a full nights sleep!} and spent the majority of the next day there as they watched my oxygen levels and temperature was a little high throughout the night. thankfully though my doctor knew how much I wanted to go home and released me around 6 pm that tuesday night. I'm now limited to lifting 10-15 lbs max {um... griffin barely fits that limitation!} and am trying to rest as much as possible so I don't overdo it and mess something up. we're thankful it's behind us now and that everything went smoothly!

I've still got a handful of these to send out, but did at least want to show off our christmas card. 2012 really has been our best year yet and we are excited to ring in the new year with our biggest blessing!


hope you had a wonderful christmas and a blessed new year! 


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  1. Glad you are feeling better and taking care to heal. And I love, love, LOVE all the color on your Christmas card - so YOU!
    Happy New Year!


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