Friday, July 6, 2012

31 Weeks {way late!}


{considering that we're pretty much now 32 weeks, I am a little behind on getting this posted but wanted to at least document it!}

Size of Baby: Baby Center says he's weighing in around 3.3 lbs. Which is a lie. Based off of our appointment last week and my own scale increases, I'd say he's definitely over 4 lbs now! The good news is that he can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin. Little man does already seem to have a mind of his own, moving non-stop one day and then resting up the next. It definitely looks like I will have my hands full!

 Symptoms: - Lots of lower pelvic pressure this week. While the nurse reassured me that this is normal and just a part of the process, it's still weird and nerve wracking, mostly because throughout my whole pregnancy, the fibroid has been located in such a spot that it's kept him from moving down.  The fibroid is now over on the left side of my stomach and may still be the cause of having to have a c-section, but for now, it doesn't seem to be stopping his movements!

Cravings/Aversions: - Anything cool and sweet. Specifically extra cold water paired with a Sonic shake :)

{and I promise you, we don't really get sonic shakes as much as I might make it out to sound like!}

Maternity Clothes: -  Keep holding on.... though I did have to retire one of my favorite baggy shirts I bought from Forever 21 this week because it is just way too short to try and wear with this belly. It was a rather sad day.

Sleep: - Sleep seems to either be really good {as in fall asleep as I'm laying down} or really bad {as in, stay awake for hours freaking out about all we still have to get and take care of before this baby comes, coupled with someone showing off their ninja skills all night long.}  While I certainly love the nights that sleep is good, the bad nights make for some long work weeks.

Funniest Dream Of This Week: -Sadly, the dreams weren't funny this week. They actually seemed to pair up with the nights that I couldn't sleep and only enhanced my anxieties. Certainly nothing worth remembering!

Highlights Of This Week:
 - getting to hear Griffin's heart beat, strong and steady. I might have had an almost freak out this week that sent me to the dr on Tuesday. Basically, I had a lot of pain on Monday afternoon. {my stomach was hard and tight until I went to bed that night.} Griffin was still moving fine that day so I knew he was ok, plus the pain didn't get worse and wasn't coming and going like contractions.  By Tuesday the pain had gone away, but I wasn't really feeling Griff move. I felt him around 11 for a little bit, and then set a deadline of 3:00 to call the dr. Of course he moved right as my deadline hit, but I still ended up calling later just to be safe. They let me come in to have a listen and reassured me that  I am not a crazy lady :)
- celebrating our four year anniversary! Some days it feels like we've been married much longer and others it feels like just yesterday. I am so thankful though that we have had so many years together as just us before we're taking this next step.

-a day off of work! {though seriously, it is SO WEIRD to have a wednesday off! I kept thinking I needed to go to the store and pick out what I was going to wear to church the next day!}

- while this shouldn't really be considered a highlight, it is rather funny and needs to be documented. I personally do not look at the scale when I go to the dr. Every woman knows you weigh first thing in the morning and anything other than that number is a flat out lie. So every week or so I check in on myself just to be sure I'm doing ok.  The past several weeks I've been holding tight with no weight gain, but it looks like it finally caught up with me. I gained 5 lbs in two and a half weeks!!  I mostly just had to laugh about it. {and considering that it's been a few weeks since the scale jumped up, I would be worried if it hadn't of happened!}  Here's hoping I can keep it at a pound a week from here on out!

 Looking forward to:  the weekend! Cody and I will be heading to a child birth class and getting to tour the Labor and Delivery hall at the hospital. Might want to say a prayer Cody doesn't pass out during class! We're also having a swim party with our small group. Let's hope they're ready for this belly :)


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