Wednesday, June 27, 2012

30 Weeks!


Size of Baby: Thanks to our visit and sonogram today, we know Little G is weighing in at THREE LBS ELEVEN OUNCES. (meaning I am carrying almost 4 lbs of baby and feel justified in some of my weight gain finally!) What To Expect When You're Expecting said that he is most likely within three inches of his birth length but could potentially triple in size, though our dr. expects us to have a 7 lb baby, which sounds just fine to me!

Symptoms: - A lot of standing this week for work has resulted in some new back pains, tailbone pain and some lower pressure, but I'm hoping that rest will help this to go away. I am also going to the bathroom about every 4 minutes it feels like. I told Cody we should have been counting up how many rolls of toilet paper we (um... I) went through with this pregnancy, but he said the number would just be too depressing!

 Cravings/Aversions: - Oddly enough, I had a craving for McDonald's last week. It was fantastic :)

 Maternity Clothes: - Holding tight with both for one more week...

 Sleep: - Sleeping mostly good, with the exception of the bathroom breaks.

Funniest Dream Of This Week: - I dreamed this week that I got up to use the bathroom and when I came back to bed, Cody was coming down the hallway to tell me that someone hit our back fence in the middle of the night. {not that unrealistic of a dream.} As we were discussing what to do to fix it, we heard a noise in the garage and went to check it out, only to find that all three of our cars {the two we own and the rental we had for our trip} were stolen, along with everything in our garage! I certainly didn't sleep well after that dream!
 Highlights Of This Week: Cody and I had a good trip out of town, even though it was exhausting for both of us. We hit 30 weeks on the way down and realized that we have less than 10 weeks till we meet our son... which promptly made Cody faint :) It is feeling more and more real every day! 

-We also booked every single appointment with our high risk dr from here until the end of our pregnancy. so surreal!

- Seeing the little man today on the screen. It just blows my mind how big he is! Here is one of the pictures we got:


Of course, the dr. had the sonogram wand ON MY RIBS when he got that shot of his foot. I know I can't be mad at the guy because he has no where else to go, but I sure wish he would find someplace more comfortable!  {and if you're having a hard time seeing the foot, turn your head sideways! makes it a little easier.}

Looking forward to: the weekend! Cody and I both are dragging from traveling this week and can't wait to sleep in... along with making a dent in the nursery to do list! 


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