Wednesday, May 2, 2012

22 Weeks!


Size of Baby:  According to Baby Center, little man is about the length of a spaghetti squash and is just over a pound. Right now he's even working on forming tiny tooth buds beneath his gum! 

Symptoms: - Still just the rib and back pain. It's at least gotten better when I sleep, but it's rather constant during the day at work.  I have taken a pillow to put in my work chair, but it's not working. If you have any suggestions on things to try I would definitely appreciate it!

 Cravings/Aversions: - Still enjoying fruit... but other than that no major cravings!

Maternity Clothes: - Mixing it up with both.  I did have to upgrade to one of Cody's t-shirts this weekend, which wasn't that fun... mainly because he doesn't have cute t-shirts like I do :)

 Sleep: - Sleeping pretty good, when one rascal dog isn't bothering me. Dude woke me up at 5:00 am today for a drink and then whined till my alarm when off to get out of bed at 6:38. Mama was not happy!

 Highlights Of This Week: 
 - I had a check up yesterday and actually have a tentative c-section date scheduled: AUGUST 27th! It's less than a week before my actual due date, but hearing August makes it sound so much closer than September!  Ideally, August 28th would be a better delivery day {aka MY BIRTHDAY!} but I thought I would make that request to the dr. once the day is closer. {dream big, right?} There is also a chance that I can still deliver naturally, but at least for now, it's looking like the fibroid could keep that from happening. 

- I had a check up yesterday and  braved asking my doctor how my weight gain was. Nothing will make a pregnant lady cry faster than the sweet words: "You're doing great!" and "You're not at all on track to gain 75 lbs this pregnancy!"  So maybe I celebrated the news by eating :) 

 - I ordered our crib! It won't actually be in till June 15th, but it's nice to know it will eventually be on it's way to us!

- On Sunday we helped with We Are The Sermon at our church. While it was a bittersweet day as there was a freak accident in which one of our friends was majorly hurt, {a metal basketball backboard landed on his ankle, fractured his fibula and tore his achilles, it was awful} it was also a sweet day to be serving with Cody and to think about the type of man I hope our Griffin will grow up to be. 

 Funniest Dream Of This Week: - I dreamed that some friends of Cody's were renting out their apartment and we went to go look at it to see if Josh and Sarah would want to move there. I took lots of pictures with an old school film camera, only to realize that I hadn't been winding it up after it shot and none of the photos were going to turn out. As we were leaving the house, all I could think was, "Josh and Sarah have such a nice house that they bought.... why are they thinking about renting now?!" 

Looking forward to: - The weekend! Hoping we'll get some more accomplished in the nursery along with plenty of down time. Who knows, Cody may even talk me into going to see The Avengers! :)


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