Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Freezer Meals

One of the greatest gifts that was given to me before my heart surgery came in the form of food. My mom and Bami spent a great deal of money and time to bake and freeze about 6 recipes, broken up into 12 pans. That way, when I had no energy and we needed an easy dinner, all I had to do was reach into the freezer and let something thaw. {My mom also used these to feed us while she lived with us during my recovery.}

Even though I know up front that it will seem to be a good deal of money {for our budget} and one full day that I probably don't want to give up right now, I do want to take the time to make and freeze several recipes in hopes of making my maternity leave easier. That way, I can just sit on the couch while Cody pulls something out to thaw. :) I have a few recipes that my mom made {which sadly I don't have pictures for and the names probably don't do them justice} that I know will make the list: Stuffed Pasta Shells, Chicken Pot Pie, Poppyseed Chicken and a Loaded Spaghetti (not the official name but I can't think of what it's called right now) that will definitely make the list, but I'm looking for other recipes that freeze well. Obviously, I can turn to Pinterest, but I want recipes that have already been tried out.

Do you have a go to recipe that makes for a delicious dinner that freezes and thaws well? If so, please share! I know it will still probably be a month or so before I finally bite the bullet and have a cooking day (maybe I can convince Mom & Bami to come to Abilene to help!) but I want to go ahead and start making a list. Plus, I would also love any easy recipes that are a staple in your family!

And just because, I saw this on Pinterest tonight and thought it was really helpful! 
{Sorry that it's so small!}



  1. I did that for the in laws when my MIL had surgery. They still talk about how great it was to have those meals. I use the Dinner is Ready method and have all of her cookbooks - Love.Them. There are some sample recipes there you could try.

  2. We are still supplementing with meals I prepared before Lila was born in January. Things that do well; enchilada casserole, taco soup, spinach or veggie lasagna, mexican cornbread, fried rice, and a few others I can't remember right now. I'll gather my recipes to send you. Also for things like casseroles I found the miniature aluminum loaf pans worked really well for individual portions. I just wrapped them with plastic wrap and put them in freezer bags. I also used Ball Freezer jars for soups and GLAD freezer to oven casserole dishes for other things like the cornbread/rice. One thing I did to help budget wise was pick a couple of items on our regular monthly menu and freeze the leftovers, or make a double batch to freeze. That way I wasn't spending/doing it all at once because money and energy were pretty hard to come by.


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