Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mexican Pizza

Here's a confession: through out high school, I LOVED the Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell. My mom did Weight Watchers for a good while (which means that my dad and I also did WW) and I still remember that I could have the whole thing for 13 points. Let's just say I had more than my fair share of those pizzas.

Then I went to college and was introduced to the wide variety of restaurants in Abilene and forgot about my love for the Mexican Pizza. Until I got pregnant, and then ANY form of spicy food sounded like heaven. Which is how I found myself eating a Mexican Pizza alone on Valentine's Day. (My only defense is that I was traveling for work and going out to eat at a nice restaurant just seemed like it would be torture. The wait, the poor lonely girl stares...)

Ever since that glorious (though some what sad and lonely) return to the MP, it's been on my mind to get another. I wasn't really sure that Cody would be too keen on it though. My saving grace came through Pinterest, when I saw this recipe:

(oh yeah. Instantly added to this week's menu plan!)

I started by browning my meat and trying to use my fancy Pampered Chef tool. Which was a fail. It's supposed to help break up the meat in bite size pieces, but that was a lie. I posted this picture on Instagram and heard from multiple people that they were disappointed in it. In Pampered Chef's defense, they did contact me via twitter and apologize, which went a long way in my book. They also told me to use it before the meat starts turning brown, so I'll give it another shot.

After you brown your meat, add taco seasonings according to the package and heat beans up in the microwave. Would you believe this was my first time in our marriage to use either one of these products? Cody was shocked. He was like, my mom made tacos all the time. She used McCormick though. (he totally judged my Walmart brand!) Maybe my mom made tacos for us growing up, but I just really don't remember having them that often. If I eat something made with taco seasoning I usually enjoy it, but it's just not one of my go to meal ideas. (obviously, since I havent cooked with it in 3 1/2 yrs!)

While all of that is warming, toast your tortillas in the oven. The recipe calls to make them crispy, but I bought the wrong kind so they just got warm. Still tasted good though! Layer tortilla, beans, then meat, then another tortilla , top with enchilada sauce and cheese. Put back into oven to melt cheese. Delicious on its own, but if you want to put it over the top, add mild Taco Bell sauce (found at Walmart)

Ay,Ay, Ay! Yo Quiero Taco Bell Mexican Pizza :)

The full and original recipe can be found here



  1. We LOOOOVE the tostada pizzas from Taco Bell! I am totally making these this weekend! Thanks for the recipe!

  2. P.s. just saw your comment about the PC tool when I was making my shopping lost for this recipe. I actually LOVE this tool and will not ever make ground anything without it, I hate big chunks of meat and it works perfectly for me to break it us. You have to use it from the minute you put the meat in the pan and constantly twist & turn it into the meat as it cooks, but it should get the job done. Try it again before throwing it out!


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