Thursday, January 12, 2012

{Review} Why Women Need Fat

It's that time of the year ago: a new year means new resolutions. I don't know about you, but I really can't remember the last time that one of my new year's resolutions did not involve losing weight and getting healthy. Obviously my long term string of making the same resolution shows you how well I probably stuck to my commitment throughout the year, huh?

This year is no different, but I'm at least taking a different approach to it. I had the chance to read Why Women Need Fat: How "Healthy" Food Makes Us Gain Excess Weight and the Surprising Solution to Losing It Forever by William D. Lassek, M.D. and Steven J.C. Gaulin, Ph.D.

I have to be honest, the first two parts were a little too scientific and statistical for me. Personally, I am the type that wants you to just lay out the plan for me and tell me what I need to do and eat to lose weight and then I want to jump right in and get started. Given my track record for how many years I’ve made the same resolution to get healthy and lose weight though, that plan might not be working for me. I do want this year to be different, so I’m trying to remember that the scientific information is important and understanding it will help me to better implement this plan.

Part Three was my favorite section to read. It covers topics such as why dieting doesn’t work, how to determine what your weight should be and what we need to do different with our eating habits. We need to step away from our excessive use of corn oil and low-fat foods and use the real stuff: eggs, dairy, olive oil, meats, fresh fruits and veggies. These are what our bodies truly need to for a nutritious diet.

It’s going to take some work to incorporate this into my eating. I’ve been accustomed to a low-fat diet for a long time! How do you approach dieting? Do you think full fat foods could be what has been missing from yours? Feel free to join the BlogHer discussion over Why Women Need Fat!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this review from the BlogHer Book Club. All opinions are my own.


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