Sunday, December 4, 2011

P-Winning, P-Losing & Weekend Wrap Up.

Here's a weekend recap:

Saturday morning Sarah and I headed out for coffee, then to a craft fair to support friends and finally finished up at Mine By Design {paint your own pottery.} We had a blast last time we went and they gave us a heads up that they would have a Seize the Deal {like Groupon if you're not familiar} soon. We ended up snagging at deal for $15 for $30 of pottery and went this Saturday to create a Christmas piece.

Here's what I painted:

 It looks super dull now, but will be bright and bold after it's fired. I can't wait to pick it up!

After grabbing lunch, I then headed off to go pick up Julia, one of Cody's co-worker's 10 yr old daughter. We were headed out to go shopping for craft supplies. {more to come on this later!} I have to admit, I was a little nervous. I couldn't tell you the last time I was around a girl her age and I was wracking my brain to pre-think of things to talk about.  Apparently I had nothing to worry about. She never stopped talking the whole time and 10 year old girls are now my favorite! In case you care, she doesn't like to shop at Justice anymore because it's childish {their logo has a monkey, come on!} duck tape is all the rage and there are lots of tutorials on youtube, and Hobby Lobby is one of her favorite places to shop.  It was such a blast and I can't wait to hang out with her again!

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Here's some projects I made recently based off of Pin-spirations:

I took an old picture frame {a 10x10}, strung wire across the opening, put cute paper on a canvas that would fit in the hole and created a new place to hang earrings!  I then took the door hanger {a Souther Living item that was actually a gift for Cody from my parents} and hung it next to it to keep necklaces that I wear more often. I love the way this turned out, so it's definitely a win!

My next winning project was an organization station. I took another picture frame {16x20} and laid out different pieces of scrap book paper to cover the opening.  There are spots for our weekly meal plan, important things to remember, and daily/weekly chores to get done.  You can use dry-erase markers to make notes and it will easily wipe off. Here's hoping this brings a little more organization around our house!

And finally, a losing pinterest project:

I tried to make a combination of a metal cookie sheet and the magnet make up holder, but it turned out to be a slight fail. I debated buying the circle magnets, but went with the roll because it was cheaper and you got more. {Obviously I have a lot of makeup.}  The circles are probably stronger and would hold my makeup up, but the stuff I have is just a little weak. It was like mod podging the cute paper on the pan took away the magnet powers. I haven't decided if I will leave it like this or use the pan as a memo board instead. If you saw a this project on pinterest, make sure you buy strong enough magnets!

So that's a sneak peek of what we did this weekend, what did you accomplish?

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  1. I'm so impressed that you are actually creating things you pinned! I've tried recipes from pinterest, but that's it so far.


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