Friday, December 23, 2011

Insta- Friday {Littlefield Edition}

we're officially off and celebrating the holidays with family! here are some peeks into cody's home town:

Picnik collage
a very proud cody in front of a replica of the world's tallest windmill
littlefield is hometown to waylon jennings and they are proud of it. there's a street named after him, a fantastic mural and it's all over the water tower. tell me again, who is from littlefield?

Picnik collage

isn't that just pure onery-ness? i'm afraid i'll pay for cody's childhood through my own children!
in case you didn't know, it's rather flat in the panhandle
kota on our drive home
and, unrelated to littlefield, the purse my secret santa at work made me. i am in love!

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{things will be quiet around here as we're enjoying our family for the holidays. i hope you all have a very merry christmas! i'll pop back in soon enough... right now we're working on a sausage ball recipe review and competition. i know, such exciting lives we live! merry christmas!}


  1. That mural is great!

    And your purse is ADORABLE! What a great gift! = )

  2. What a cute purse---great Secret Santa, huh?!


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