Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WIWW #33 - Colored Skirts Edition

Last week was my final full week of traveling for work this semester, so I wasn't able to take that many pictures. I tried to go extra cute for the two pictures I did take for you this week though :)



shirt: walmart
skirt & tights: f21
boots: dsw
peacock pin: loft

this skirt has ribbons that ties in the back. I'm so cool that I wore the skirt all day and didn't realize until I was leaving work that the ribbons weren't through the belt loops like they should have been :)



cardigan: oldnavy
polka dot shirt: francesca's
skirt: j. crew
shoes: clarks brand via dillards

meet my new skirt! I bought this a while back but have waited to wear it. I really need to get it hemmed just a tiny bit to look better with my height, but I was tired of it look pretty in my closet. I feel like it's more of a turquoise than the bright blue it comes off as in these pictures. I hope you like it, because you'll be seeing a lot of it in the coming weeks! What color do you suggest wearing it with?

That's all I have! Hope you have lots of great outfits this week!

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special thanks to kathleen for tips for wearing this hairstyle!
{last week's wiww}

pleated poppy


  1. Another awesome look for you!!! I love your colors!!!

    Has anyone ever told you that you look like Hope Solo---the goalie for the American soccer team who is on Dancing with the Stars? Well, I think you two favor each other...

    Have a super day!


  2. Your hair looks fantastic! And that blue skirt is stunning. I would probably pair it with mustard, but I'm sure that doesn't surprise anyone.

  3. love the skirt! super sexy and retro. love the shoes as well!


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