Sunday, November 20, 2011

Father Of Joy - Flea Market Round 2

Sorry that it was such a quiet week around these parts! As Cody best said, we worked 8 hour days at work, only to come home and work another 8 hours getting ready for our craft show. It was tiring people!  The good news is the show went great! We were very, very happy with how many items we sold. And while we are totally biased, we definitely had the cutest booth at the event! Here's a peek of what out booth looked like and the products we were offering:

Picnik collagePicnik collagePicnik collage

We've got a few things in the works to be able to offer one last chance for people to pick up Christmas gifts, stay tuned for more details! Until then, check out the Etsy shop! I've added many of our new print designs. They're very affordable and make great gifts for all people!

Hope you have a great week!


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