Thursday, October 13, 2011

Insta-Friday 7

welcome back for insta friday! here's what happened this week:

1. this is entirely too early to set an alarm for saturday but it had to be done for
2. fall preview! a great day with prospective students


3. kota isn't cut out to be a mountain dog. went for a hike today and he was attacked by some type of thistle
4. enjoying being on the road with these two! they make for great company
5. just your average downtown scenery. the cars didn't even brake for the deer!
6. kindle, starbucks and a great view. what more can a girl ask for?

7. worked a fair earlier this week and medieval times was there. of course I had to get a picture!
8. a snippet of my outfit. all items Loft, which made me a little self conscious as I walked into Loft!
9. Cody with Elvis Andrus, a Texas Rangers stud for those of you not familiar or not from Texas. we're keeping our fingers crossed that we're headed to the world series!


10. nail polish remover on the tv tray is just a bad idea. be careful!
11. tried caviar this week. I'm so refined :)
12. is it mandatory to have the name joe to be a manager at joe's crabshack?
13. read it. now. so good

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  1. love the doggie! i'm having a HUGE ($100) giveaway going on at my blog and would love to have you stop by-

  2. Hey we went to a Texas Rangers game in June!!! It was a great experience!! (and six flags) ha!!

    We have a white pooch too, hes not a farmish dog either but he thinks he is!!

    I read that little yellow book!! Enjoyed it, but I didnt have to read it to know heaven is real....our little 3 yos is there!! :) 1/23/07

    Have a blessed week!!!

  3. I LOVE Loft! Most of my work clothes are from there :)

  4. hi from another Abi - visiting from Life Rearranged! Looks like a fun week - I love reading my kindle outside in this nice weather too.

  5. and sorry I just glanced back at your blog and saw the Harding stuff - did you graduate from there too? Just curious - I graduated 2003 (wow I am old).

  6. Love your blog! Loved your pictures!


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