Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Golden (WIWW #30)

A couple of weeks ago when I was traveling through the metroplex, I took some free time to stop at J. Crew.  I'll be honest and say that most of my previous shopping at J. Crew is through the form of Christmas presents from my parents, because their prices are justalittlebit out of my price range. {you know, unless I want to save up 6 months fun money.}

I'm not sure we would have even stopped by the store except they had this gorgeous teal skirt hanging in the windows and I just knew I had to try it out, if only to dream. I ended up also grabbing a pair of pants that were just fabulous, yet also not really something you would ever dream of purchasing.


Because they are mustard gold.

I know. Mustard gold pants. It goes against every "dark on bottom to be slenderizing" rule I've ever been taught. But you know what? I fell in love with those pants. And I am now the wayoverlyproud owner of pants that cannot help but scream LOOK AT ME!

One of the reasons I was nervous about getting them was due to the boldness of the color and if it would hinder how often you can wear them. I mean, you could probably wear the same black pants to work 5 days in a row and no one would really know it wasn't a different pair. Gold pants, notsomuch.

Surprisingly enough, in just the few shorts weeks I've owned them, I've found myself reaching for these pants more than I reach for my black pants. Even though mustard gold doesn't seem to fit the traditional definition, I'm now claiming it as my fall neutral. So, I hope you like them, because you're going to be seeing a lot of these babies in the coming weeks!

Here's what you really came for, the pictures.

{also titled: Mustard: Two Ways.}

date night:

{y'all. it's like he has a radar for WIWW pictures. and he photo bombs them every time!}


shirt: francescas
pants: j crew
jewelry: forever 21
lipstick: MAC Red (because my pants weren't attention grabbing enough!}




top {new} & cardigan {older} : old navy
shoes: boutique in hereford
*disclaimer: I know this outfit needed to be worn with heels. I knew I was going to be on my feet all day working fairs & that my feet would be covered, so I chose comfort over fashion!

So there you have it. Mustard gold pants. What do you think? Love them or hate them?

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pleated poppy

{in case you love them, here's the link for the pants. looks like they're pretty back ordered now! and in case you're needing a gift, I would love them in all colors for christmas, specifically dahlia!}



  1. Those pants are great! Not everyone can pull of mustard, but you do a great job! Stopping by from WIWW

  2. I am IN LOVE with those mustard pants and have been looking for some bright pants. I just decided after multiple epic fails with finding RED pants that mustard is a better way to go. You look AMAZING!!!

  3. LOVE 'EM!!!! They are amazing and look fantastic on you.

    I agree, Jcrew's prices are crazy, but every now and then they create uniquely gorgeous pieces that are worth it.

  4. Those pants are faaaaabulous! Girl, you work it. And is that your parents' new kitchen in the last couple of pics?!

  5. i love them--it's amazing how mustard can be a neutral, right? i find i am wearing a lot of mustard this year too!

  6. LOVE them! I was just saying today that I need a pair of mustard pants! BOTH outfits look great! They seem pretty versatile!

  7. Cute! I love that flowery top from ON too!

  8. I love them, and your pearls of course :)


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