Monday, October 3, 2011

Dear Abby - 4


This week's question comes from Sarah from her blog The Cleft of the Rock. While talking about the joys of Pinterest, she had this to say:

The thing that has been the most helpful for me -- a fashion moron -- has been some fashion helps. I don't know where people originally find them, but I come across what I will call "outfit boards" like so:


I re-pinned this to my board to show myself -- hey, it's not so hard to put together a cute outfit AND people actually DO wear fishing lures as earrings. {side note from abby - using pinterest for fashion inspiration is a tip suggested in a previous dear abby!}

I have several of these "boots and jeans" combos on my "My Style" board. I'm sure this causes people to question: "I have NEVER seen Sarah in boots (of the riding-type variety) and jeans."

No. No, you haven't. You know why?

Because God BLESSED me with some uber-sturdy legs that can run or run/walk tremendously great distances and other such things -- but cannot be petite and all and fit inside standard riding boots.

However, boot makers are catching on. A few weeks ago in Nordstrom's I noticed a gorgeous riding boot -- with a stretchy panel in the back for those of us with ample calves. At $100, it was still pricey, but WAY less than some of the costlier riding boots I have seen. Mental note to check back when I scrape together some dollars.

So LAST week I was in Target picking up some stuff for dinner and I see some ruckus over by the shoes. "Oh... yeah. I think this is the day that new line was coming out." Y'all -- that kind of thing is SO not on my radar! I wandered over to see if there were any sandals I may like on sale...

Lo and behold... boots with a stretchy panel. Right there in the Tar-jay. For $34.99.


And I praised the Lord right there in the shoe department. Not even kidding. So I bought it for the family to give to me for my birthday. Boo to the yah.

So now I have ideas pinned. I have boots. And I have a question:

If I am going to tuck my jeans into my boots, do they have to be skinny jeans?

If I'm not wearing skinny jeans, but I do have on pull-on (only -- no zippers) boots with lotsa-leg in there, how do I keep my jeans from crawling back up around my knees?

These are the burning fashion questions, people...

So. You? Do you Pinterest? Can you help me out with the boots/ jeans conundrum? I'm in need, here, people...

Here's the suggestion I left Sarah on her post:

As some one who is "blessed" in the calf department, I totally understand the dilemma of knee high boots! I bought a pair about 2 years ago from Target and I loved them because they were so wide!

I have to be honest and say that I don't wear jeans tucked into my boots very often, but it is totally a personal choice. I'm just most comfortable in a dress or skirt with boots!

When I do wear them, I try to go with a skinnier cut jean because its just easier to get it in. One trick I figured out is to take a rubber band and put it around the outside of my jeans around my ankle. It helps to keep the jeans down while you're shoving them in the boots! That trick might help you to use your current jeans with your new boots.

If you wear your current jeans with them for a while and it becomes too much of a hassle to get them in, just start watching sales for a skinny cut jean. I have jeans that are really only for wearing with boots occasionally, but I paid less that $10 for them (old navy I believe) so it was a cheap investment for a trend. Hope this helps! {p.s. - cute boots!}

Super smart idea to use pinterest for fashion inspiration. I pin stuff all the time so then I can shop my closet to replicate the outfit!

Sarah replied:

Okay, the rubber bands are a little too much for my autistic side. Maybe those headbands? I dunno, but I don't think I could hack rubber bands around my blue jeaned ankles.

My daughter will be VERY relieved that I won't be investing in skinny jeans. She was horrified to hear the idea come out of my mouth. "Mom. No." I actually have the PERFECT jeans to wear with them (a skinnier-ish) cut -- that are actually CALLED "boot cut," go figure. They are my favorite, favorite jeans -- and therefore have a hole in a most unfortunate place. Bummer.

Thanks for the help!

And after checking back in with her, she said she ended up using ponytail holders around her jeans... she occasionaly has to re-tuck the boots, but other than that, it seems to be working great!

Now that we're starting to {finally} enter the boot wearing season, do you have any good tips to share on wearing jeans tucked into boots? I'd love to get some more suggestions!

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  1. I LOVE this post! I always struggle with my jeans riding up.


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