Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WIWW #29

First off, I cannot believe that I have been linking with with WIWW for more than half a year. As someone who seems to struggle with being a disciplined person {when it comes to cleaning, dieting and exercise, ha!} I am amazed that I've made it this long. I need to find a way to channel this WIWW discipline into other areas of my life. {my closet and waist will thank me!} Feel free to see my other WIWW weeks here!

Second, did you hear the collective "AMEN!" and "Hallelujahs!" that swept across the state of Texas this week? We have received a much needed break from the 100+ days we've had all summer. I actually experienced goosebumps this week- I'd almost forgotten what they were! Now we just need a huge rain storm to hit the whole state. If you are the praying type, please say a quick prayer for rain. We've got a lot of areas that are being destroyed by wildfires right now and we need the rain to help get them under control. {thanks in advance!}

Now on to the outfits from this week!


{where did my arm go?!}


shirt: loft
skirt & shoes: boutique in Hereford, many years ago!
necklace: gift from mom from Fredericksburg, TX
earrings: walmart
belt: jcpenney

I don't wear this skirt nearly enough, but it ended up hanging near this shirt in my closet and it all of a sudden dawned on me that they were meant to be. I love it when old pieces come together for a new outfit!




cardigan and shirt: target
pants: gap
belt: loft
bracelets: walmart

We had our university Convocation, which is the official kick off for the school year. It's a nice way to mentally say good bye to the class we finished recruiting and change our focus to the next class. The auditorium is always freezing, so I went with pants and a cardigan, even though I felt like I was getting dressed for winter! This is also the first time that I've actually worn this belt as a belt... it makes for a really cute necklace too!




sweater, tank, jeans & belt: old navy
shoes: target
necklace: forever 21

As I look back on this outfit, I realize I felt better in it than it really looked. Something just seems off. I hadn't worn this belt since getting it and wanted to go with something different than my go to leopard belt. Any suggestions on sprucing this one up?

Anniversary Date!



dress and shoes: target
cardigan: jcpenney
belt: express

Friday night we headed out to finally celebrate our anniversary - who cares that we were 2 months late! Knowing it was a Friday night, I knew most people would be rather casual, so I didn't want to show up looking like I was headed to prom! I bought this dress 3 years ago for our honeymoon, but I'm always leery of wearing it because let's be honest, it's basically a mexican moo moo! Which is fine on your honeymoon in Mexico, but a little iffy for every day life.

While this outfit is still a little fiesta-ish, I thought the cardigan, belt and jewelry made it more wearable. No one started yelling "ay ya yi!" at the restaurant, so that's a win, right? :)




dress and boots: target
belt: jc penneys
peacock accessory: loft

Sunday I dove head first into fall. I know that Labor Day doesn't really signify the start of fall and that my knee high boots would look ridiculous next to the girl in a spaghetti strap dress at church, but the fact that we had a slight change in weather *and* it's always freezing cold in our service made me say, "who cares!" I didn't get any funny looks {or at least I didn't see them!} and I was nice and toasty during the service!




shirt: walmart
skirt: loft
necklace: forever 21

Yes, some of us do have to labor on Labor Day. While it's not fun to work while everyone is off playing, we get a fall break in October that is worth waiting for!

Work: (and my favorite fall outfit)



dress: gap {I am too ashamed to tell you how old it is!}
belt: old navy
pin: loft {yes, I turned it into a headband!}

This is hands down my favorite fall outfit. You will see me wear it too many times in the coming months. Pretend like it's new every time ok? :)

And just because it's funny, here are some outtakes courtesy of the wind!

DSC_0257 DSC_0270 DSC_0273

Check out The Pleated Poppy for more WIWW! And if you haven't joined in yet, what are you waiting on? It's the easiest form of discipline you'll ever try!

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  1. Love all your outfits! Especially love all the accessories!

  2. First - your hair is adorable! Love it!

    And I think your boots to "kick" off fall are super! I really need to get some just like that for my fall wardrobe.

    (My fave is the outfit you wore to church! So cute!)

  3. I love everything about every one of these outfits. So inspiring! My fave is the navy blue with yellow belt, but seriously if I could just pull one of those outfits together I'd be proud of myself for 5 years. I can't imagine doing it everyday :)

  4. Love the belts added! Very cute outfits & accessories. :)

  5. love all the outfits - work and casual. I work in an office 5 days/week too so i got some good ideas.

    I follow you now. come visit back!

    xo Nav

  6. love your outtakes!

    Seriously, your outfits this week are amazing. I love them all! The first one is gorgeous. I really love the teal and brown. Also, your anniversary look was perfect. You looked great.

  7. you are just so adorable! I always end up clickin on your link at PP:) LOVE the outfits this week! I need to step up my game! cute cute!

  8. All of these are great!!!
    Good for you for doing 29 weeks! That's a great accomplishment! I've only done 7...hoping I can keep it up!

  9. First off, way to break out the boots already! I haven't got there yet... mainly because summer hit two months late and is now hanging on strong here in Oregon.
    2nd: LOOOOVE your date night outfit. So much. Adorable and non-fiesta celebration looking to me ;)
    Lastly: your commentary is cracking me up this week :)

  10. I love the brown dress, brown boots, brown belt pic! Adorable!~
    ~Lisa @ Organized Chaos

  11. I can't even pic a fave outfit because I LOVE them all! Your style is amazing. I'd like to hire you as my personal stylist (ha ha).

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the brown boots. Super cute!

    Maria {The BMC Report}


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