Friday, September 23, 2011


{cody's favorite: spice cake! i learned this super pretty way to ice a bundt cake from my friend sarah: put icing in ziplock, snip off corner, then just drizzle on cake till covered. it only took half a can of icing and looked much super chic!}

{chick fil a for pre-fair food! most fairs normally serve plain jane sandwiches, so this was an sweet surprise!}

{finding my recruiter friend katy at the fair was an even better surprise! abby + katy + psl = true happiness!}

{saw a gas pump that takes cash this week!}

{breast cancer awareness cookie. super delicious. not really sure why they're giving them out in september instead of october, but i'll eat sweets to promote a good cause!}

{my last fair this week had a mariachi band. fun, but loud!}

{visited this sweet shop today. if you're in the mckinney area, stop by!}

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and a few things I pinned this week {though traveling is cutting in on my pinning time!}

my friend krystal tagged me in this:

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

{she knows our future children well!}

doesn't this bread look delicious?

such a beautiful presentation!

i want to make some of these for our porch:

i want to do this treatment on our kitchen/bathroom floors:

and i love this frame!

{i know cody can make it for me!}

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we have a busy, busy, busy weekend ahead. i'm not sure how we'll get it all in. castle, biggest loser, project runway, how i met your mother, the office, community... {i could go on but i'm realizing we have a problem!}

hope you have a great weekend!



  1. That spice cake looks so good! That shop looks so fun. Did you buy anything?

  2. There's a whole chain of gas stations here that not only take cash at the pump but charge less per gallon if you pay cash. Any plans to do any recruiting in CA...? ;)

  3. I love those superhero outfits!!! That's so cute.


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