Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Wreath {craft project}

Last weekend I was bound and determined to get our fall decorations out before I hit the road again. Admittedly, it's hard to believe it's fall when it's still so dang hot outside, but I wanted the inside of my house to reflect what the calendar said!

Over our three years of marriage I've picked up a few items of fall decorations on sale at Hobby Lobby, but mostly gained my decorating items through the form of hand me downs from my mom and Bami.
As much as I had high hopes for what I was unpacking, it's probably time for some of the hand me downs to retire... wouldn't you say?

{yeah... not looking too pretty!}

So I took the wreath and some pinspiration and got to work! First off, I removed all of the fruit pieces, which have seen better days, and ended up with this:

Next, I set to work making pinwheel flowers to attach to the wreath. {I used a tutorial from here.} You'll need several colors of scrapbook paper, 2 of each color cut into various widths by 12 inches. The tutorial suggestions using a scorer to make marks to fold them evenly, but I just went with the old school of folding accordion style!

{the wider your strips, the bigger the flower will be!}

Here is one of the strips folded:

Once you have both strips folded, take your hot glue gun and put a small line on one end and glue both strips together.

Then put more glue on the other side and attach the strips to make a circle. {sorry it's blurry... it's totally an action shot!}

You then push one side of the circle in to flatten it to create the flower, putting hot glue on it to hold it in place. I actually put a little hot glue in the middle and on the back, just to be safe!

Repeat for an many flowers as you want - I went with five.

I then took cardboard and drew an "n" on it. I cut it out and traced the letter on to scrapbook paper and used sticky tape to stick the paper onto the cardboard to give it some stability.

Once I had all of the items made, I placed the on the wreath until I found the best layout and then I glued everything down. {I probably went way overboard on how much glue to use to hold it down. I just had visions of a pinwheel flower flying off... which is rather silly seeing we have a glass door in front of our house door!}

Here's the final product!


For 30 minutes of my time and free paper scraps around the house, I'm pretty happy with the turn out.  Don't be surprised if pinwheel flowers start taking over my house!

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  1. That turned out super cute Abby!! And I would have never guessed by looking that that N was made of looks like wood! So cute & a huge improvement to the first! Nothing better than recycling! :)

  2. Great idea. I love the paper pinwheel. Super cheap too. I like that. :)

  3. I love it! The paper pinwheels appear much easier to make than I would have guessed just by looking at them - thanks for the tutorial! I have a whole board devoted to wreaths on yours has joined it :)


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