Monday, September 12, 2011

Dear Abby - 1


Welcome to a new series we're starting around here at Life At Its Finest! {surely you get the reference, right?} After living my whole life with Dear Abby jokes, I figure it's time I embrace her and start my own advice column.  One of my college friends actually left a comment on a WIWW post and it has spurred on this new idea.  While I am no means an expert, I do enjoy fashion and believe I've got some good advice to share.  If you have a fashion question, big or small,  send me an email at abbyneinast{at}gmail dot com to be featured on Dear Abby!

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I have a question...I'm a stay at home mom now and totally out of touch with what is in style for this fall/winter. But even though I'm at home all the time, I still want to look cute and pulled together. I'm looking for a few pieces that I can mix and match that I can add to what I already have. Some easy, inexpensive pieces. Any suggestions? You have such cute style! Thanks, Abby!

Hey Meagan!
I've looked through my own wardrobe and thought about some of my favorite pieces, so I'm sharing with you what I find myself frequently wearing.

Cardigans are my favorite, go to fall/winter accessory. I think they are really comfortable, and they are easy to dress up or down.  I think with a gray, black and one bright, fun color (mine is poppy red!) you can mix and match with skirts and pants to make great outfits.  Target usually puts their Merona ones on sale pretty frequently, along with Old Navy. I have also gotten from from Ann Taylor Loft for around $20. These are usually better quality than other places. The great thing about cardigans is that you can wear them over some summer dresses and make them more fall/winter appropriate!

I realize our weather in Texas doesn't quite get as cold as it does for you in DC, so you may want to stick with pants. Personally, I am a bigger fan of dresses/skirts than I am pants. You can get leggings really cheap, so it would help with the warmth issue!  Even if I am wearing a comfy dress, scarf and knee high boots, I still feel super cute and sassy.  One of my most versatile skirts is actually a gray skirt I got from Old Navy.  (It's a pencil skirt in chino material.) I love wearing it with a black turtle neck and my brown riding boots. The first time I wore it I was super nervous, but I got a lot of compliments on it and it quickly became one of my favorite outfits!  If you want to go with pants, I do think you would look great in a skinny pant tucked into knee high boots.

As far as riding boots go, I have them in both brown and black. I got the brown first and wore them with *everything*, even black! They really go with everything! If you do want a pair, check Target and Walmart. They both make good knockoffs boots. However, I think you would also be just fine with your black boots, and not having the brown boots as an option will just make you shoe choice a little easier!

Belts and jewelry are the easiest way to change up an outfit! I love wearing a cardigan over a dress with a fun belt on it. Always check the clearance rack at stores. My best belts have been really cheap at Old Navy and Walmart. I think a nice skinny black belt, a brown chunky belt, a leopard belt and one fun color belt (mine is mustard!) are good basics to have and will help transform all of your outfits. Goodwill is actually a great place to look for belts, along with the little girls department! Since you're wearing them around your natural waist, the little girl sizes and just perfect!  Forever 21 and H & M are good places to look for cheap jewelry.  If I only had to pick one piece, a chunky pearl necklace goes well with everything!

As you're looking for a few new clothes, look for jewel tones! Deep blue, purple and emerald green will look so great on your skin tone!  Last thing, are you on Pinterest? A lot of people pin outfit ideas. You can then pin them too and use it as inspiration for your next shopping trip!

Here's what Meagan had to say about the advice:

Thank you so much for taking the time to guide me in the right direction. You are so sweet! Your ideas are incredibly helpful, not to mention they're realistic things that aren't going to cost me an arm and a leg. I really appreciate it. Until I became a stay at home mommy, I felt like I was in the know with fashion, but now I feel so out of the loop! I just want to make sure I'm not wearing the mom uniform :):)

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  1. Such a great feature! Love your advice and your sense of style.

  2. great feature! love the advice. i have so many cardigans.

    here's my question.

    dear abby,

    i just moved to a new city and I'm having trouble meeting new friends. I'm in my 30's now and I just don't know how to find women friends! Can you help?



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