Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WIWW #27

this just in: it's still really hot in texas. apparently the weather doesn't care that it's back to school season and we're supposed to be preparing for fall.  i'm dreaming of cooler days and and hope to break out the fall clothes soon!

here's this week's outfits, which include a few fall items!




burnout: store in amarillo,tx
skirt & jewelry: forever 21
shoes: target

i have to admit, i wasn't really sure i could pull this skirt off in august. it doesn't look so fall-ish in these pictures, but it's definitely a wool skirt. i felt a tiny bit out of season wearing it, but ignored those thoughts!




shirt: kohl's {materinity. you didn't miss any big announcements. i'm not pregnant!}
skirt: loft
jewely: forever 21

i love the color and collar detail in this shirt, but unfortunately it's got several holes in it after a few washes. would you return it because it will probably keep getting holes in it, or keep it because the colors so good? these are the hard decisions in life people :)




shirt: forever 21
jeans: old navy




shirt: walmart
skirt: loft
same jewelry that i can't quit wearying: forever 21

i haven't worn this skirt in a while... i enjoyed it so much on sunday {but only for a few hours}....




shirt: loft
belt: express
do i even have to tell you wear the jewelry's from?

let me let you in on a secret- this is actually my favorite belt.... BACKWARDS.

you can see the tiny bit of leopard :

the only black skinny belts i own had silver on them and i needed gold. so i thought, why not? i did have to tug at it during the day to tighten it up, but all in all it worked pretty nice to create an accessory to go with my outfit from what i already owned.  don't be afraid to wear something in an unusual way!



we helped move in our new freshman on campus today and got to wear causal clothes. i know the purpose of wiww is to fight against the tee shirts and sweat pants... but some days it's so nice to go casual!

shirt: provided by work
shorts: loft
shoes: nike factory store

so i fixed my hair with a tiny braid to keep it out of my eyes. as soon as i did, i felt like my face looked chubby. {why is it that simple things make us feel like we all of a sudden look fat?}

when cody came in, i asked him if the hairstyle made my face look chubby. he answered with:

"i saw this one blog post when you hair was kinda like that but a little longer and you were holding an orange coffee cup. yeah that was not a good haircut on you. it definitely made you face look fat."

i still don't know if that was a yes or not!

so help me out... does my face look chubby? i'm showing off two pictures because it could all be in the angle of the photo. please be gentle and honest!



check out the pleated poppy for more what i wore wednesday's!

{last week's wiww}



  1. I think you are adorable!!1 I love your haircut!!

  2. Cute outfits. It's been hot here too, I'm so ready for sweater weather. Not cold weather, sweater weather. I wanna wear boots! LOL

  3. I love all your amazing clothes! You are much more stylish than I could ever be. I am wishing for fall weather too.

    I absolutely love your haircut. Short hair rocks!

    The pics at the bottom, I think it's the camera angle. You are beautiful!

  4. No, you don't look chubby one bit. In fact, you have a lovely, elongated face. But I know your fears. My recent hair growth makes me look younger and chubbier, but I bet I'm the only one who notices very much.

    Love the teal and coral tops. Ruffles and great necklaces are THE Abby trademarks and they're wonderful

  5. I never do anything different with my hair cuz I think the same thing! I like your hair better down but I'm not sure chubby is the right word. Thanks to all those men in our lives who answer questions like that:)

  6. Lovin all those skirts!! Super cute outfits and I love that you are slowly incorporating fall into your wardrobe!

  7. No you don't look chubby. At all.

    Yes I'm drooling over your outfits. ONCE AGAIN. Love them all! (and that F21 necklace... fab!)

  8. There is NOTHING on you that is remotely fat.....Beautiful!

  9. love all your outfits. you are adorable. your hairstyle is making me want to go CHOP my hair!!

  10. No, silly! :) Face looks perfect!

  11. Love every single one of your outfits!

    You look absolutely beautiful with your hair and up close photos! I admire anyone who posts up close photos of themselves :)


  12. Everytime I come to your blog, I get more obsessed with your hair. I love it!


  13. Your outfits are fabulous!
    And your hair is adorable.
    Came across your blog from Lindsey's!
    Shelly xo
    -I'm your newest follower.

  14. Love the b/w animal skirt with the denim top! I'm always inspired when I see your outfits!


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