Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIWW #24

The past week or so has kinda kicked my booty and I wasn't as good with my pictures as I should have been. Check out the pleated poppy to see other women and their weekly fashion inspiration. Some of my favorites include Jodi who has been at WIWW for over a year {for real. amazing yall!} and Kathleen who is another recruiter with a classic style. Check out their posts for more pictures!

Here is the one outfit I did manage to get a picture of this week:


{classic photo bombing by dakota}


dress: franceca's
cardi: target
belt: express
earrings: walmart

You may remember this outfit from before:



Really, the second outfit is what I wanted to wear, but the denim shirt needed ironing and I was running a little late, so I threw the cardigan on. Honestly, as soon as I put it on, I felt like I was a little too fallish for the summer temps here in Texas, but I was too lazy and late to iron, so I accessorized and went with it.

What do you think - which outfit is your favorite? Is the cardigan more of a fall look? And if so, could I wear it in the fall with some tall boots? {I'm worried about it carrying over since the dress is so light weight.}

Give me your opinions WIWW ladies!  And don't forget to head over to The Pleated Poppy for more inspiration!

pleated poppy



  1. I'd definitely wear it in the fall with the cardigan and boots. Very cute dress!

  2. I like the cardigan too and the outfit will look great with high boots for fall/winter.

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  3. The second outfit is my favorite. You look adorable. Loving your blog! xoxox

  4. Hey thanks for the link up! What a compliment coming from such a trendy lady! My fave is the dress with the denim shirt, however I do like both and think your dress would transition nicely for fall, especially with the brown cardy, because red and brown seems like a perfect fall color combo!

  5. well i rarely leaves comment on any site but your blog is really so amazing that i can't stop myself from making comment on it...


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