Friday, July 1, 2011

Vacation - The Resort

After a long day of traveling to Turks and Caicos, we slept in the next morning, grabbed our first of many great breakfast meals and then set out to explore the resort. From pictures and maps, the Beaches resort seemed unbelievably large. As in, I had no idea if I would ever have the energy and brain power to remember how to get around the place. When we were first exploring, it seemed to live up to the overwhelming size we thought it was. After a day though, we quickly knew how to get our way around. You better believe I knew the fastest way to get from our room to the ice cream shop!

This was one of the prettiest beaches I've ever seen. The sand was oh so super soft with the prettiest water you've ever seen.

DSC_0011 - Copy

One of the perks of Beaches is that everything is all inclusive, including water activities, yes, even scuba diving! While I didn't take advantage of this feature, my cousins went several times over the week.

DSC_0015 - Copy

Beaches is the family version of Sandals, I have never seen so many children at a resort. Bless their hearts, so many parents were there with 9 month old babies. Not my idea of fun, but to each his own! I'll give Beaches *major* props - they do a family vacation right! You can't even imagine all of the details they put into a resort.

Like the pirate area:
DSC_0034 - Copy

DSC_0044 - Copy

Even the showers to clean off sand followed the theme!

DSC_0055 - Copy

They had a lazy river:

DSC_0024 - Copy

And water slides we loved:

DSC_0040 - Copy

For the yellow slide, you grabbed a tube and rode it down. The blue tube was one you just slid down. Note to self: it's pitch black in that tube. Yeah, not Abby's favorite!

DSC_0041 - Copy

They had a fun water park too:

DSC_0021 - Copy

This was definitely one of my favorite spots though:

DSC_0018 - Copy

Home of Bobby D's! Serving the best onion rings on the resort, plus unlimited ice cream and shakes! {They also served hamburgers, but we weren't that impressed with the burgers!} Bobby D's could be the reason I gained *several* pounds on our trip. Apparently the walk over to get the shake wasn't long enough to be considered real exercise. Who knew!

Here's the pool we spent most of our time at:

DSC_0172 - Copy

{I snapped that one on a day that it was rather overcast. Aka, most every day but Friday!}

Hopefully on the next post I'll get in to my vacation favorite: the food!


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