Friday, July 15, 2011

Eat Mor Chikin.

If there's one thing you need to know about Cody and I, it's the fact that we are not too proud to do something for free food.

 Especially when it comes to free food that loves this slogan:

 That's right, last week we geared ourselves up for Cow Appreciation Day! If you've never celebrated this momentous occasion, you're definitely missing out. Chick Fil A encourages their fans to come dressed from "head to hoof" in exchange for a free meal!

I was leaving town that day to go home for the weekend, so we ended up going around 1:30. People, it's a good thing we are poorer than we are embarrassed, because we were by far outnumbered by people in normal clothes. As if we didn't stand out enough by wearing our costumes, the employees cheer and ring cow bells when participants walk in, so the whole store turns to see what the big deal is!

Luckily though, we make pretty cute cows.

We weren't able to put as much effort into our costumes as we did two years ago but we still turned out pretty cute. We missed last year's Cow Appreciation Day because of a little event called a rehearsal dinner. I tried to convince my parents that they could save a lot of money by taking everyone a cow costume, but they weren't buying it. They'll probably regret that decision some day. :)

What about you? Did you participate in Cow Appreciation Day?




  1. Hey did you get my email? I just wanna know when you wanna do your giveaway!

  2. Oh and I am so jealous that you guys have chickfila! Us Oregonians don't have the privilege of having them anymore! We used to have ONE but then they got rid of it... for what reason I have NO idea!!! I miss it. :-(

  3. How cute are you guys! We DID participate. I love Chik Fil A and their promotions!


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