Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WIWW #21

Welcome back for WIWW, an obsession that keeps hundreds of women lining up for the self portrait each week! :)




dress: f21
burnout: store in amarillo
necklace: walmart

I bought this dress for our vacation to Beaches, but I every time I tried it on I found some reason to not wear it. Wednesday I forced myself to keep it on and I was reminded why maxi dresses are the best. They are just so darn comfortable!! Get ready to see this dress more often!





shirt: walmart
dress: francesca's
belt: jcpenny
shoes: boutique in hereford, yellowbox brand

This outfit makes me want to say Howdy Y'all! I mean come on, it is a southern outfit...and I love it! Give me a cowboy hat and I'm ready for the West Texas Fair & Rodeo :)




shirt: hand me up from my mom
jeans: old navy
necklaces: handmade by my mom

This is actual my casual friday outfit. It struck me when I was getting ready that I actually put more effort into my outfits when I'm wearing jeans, rather than when I'm just selecting a dress out of the closet. Funny huh?




tank: old navy for $2!
sweater: old navy
skirt: jcpenney's, years and years ago

This was a random mix I threw together...I really liked the color of the tank and wanted to wear it with the black vest, but I also wanted something loose and comfy all at the same time. I hadn't worn this skirt in forever and thought it ended up making a great outfit!

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  1. hey there!
    so lovely to meet ya! you and i are neighbors (linked up next to each other) over at the pleated poppy!
    love your outfits! especially loving that francesca's dress!

    have a great day!

  2. You look so cute! I love the necklace that your mom made....adorable!

  3. Love your new dress! You have so much that will go with it.

  4. I love all of your outfits, super cute, especially the one with the vest!

    You hair is supper cute, it looks great on you

    I love where you take your pictures

  5. my favorite is that first dress. i love how you found a nice shirt to go with it. i have a hard time finding matching shirts for these type dresses, and without they just seem a little too revealing to me.
    cute hair cut!

  6. Great color combos on your outfits - super cute!

  7. You have great style! I love the way you combine colors and are so bold with them! :)

  8. I think that dress should be a weekly thing! And your hair is PRECIOUS.

  9. Love the outfits. I never would have thought to wear a t~shirt under the maxi, great idea. I need extra support and was always hesitant to wear maxis without a cardi.

    And, um, totally fabulous shoes.

  10. I love the maxi dress! I have a few and once I got used to wearing something so LONG, I became a true fan!!

  11. noticed your BEAUTIFUL hair on PP's link up and had to drop in and see you up close! love your blog!

  12. I really really love the Wednesday outfit. Girl, wear that maxi dress! I had never thought to add a shear tee under the dress to make it "school appropriate" Great idea! I promise I am going to get back in the swing of posting my outfits; you've been a great inspiration to keep it up all this time.

    Oh! I also love the pairing of red and teal. Go girl, go!


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