Monday, June 20, 2011

Flea Market Recap


Getting ready for the flea market nearly kicked our booties. As soon as we made it home from work each day last week, we immediately changed into our work clothes and got busy - stopping only for a quick dinner break, a coke run and then hitting the bed later and later every evening. To sum up just how tired we were, we went to bed at SEVEN THIRTY on Saturday evening and slept till our alarms went off at 8:30 the next morning.

That's thirteen hours of sleep people. I told you we were tired. Even now, after Saturday night, a nap Sunday and going to be early last night, I'm still tired now. It's going to be a while before we're well rested again!

The flea market didn't quite go as I expected it to. When I heard "Big Country's Largest Flea Market," I heard "cute, shabby chic craft show." Unfortunately this was not the case at all. It was, in fact, Big Country's Largest Flea Market, with a heavy emphasis on "flea market." I basically sold enough product to cover my booth fee, but I'm not upset about it. If I had been at an actual craft show and my stuff didn't sell, I would be very, very disappointed. However, considering the bamboo stalks, original sticky flip flops and rooster's drinking a corona were a bigger hit than my items, it just wasn't the right venue for me. Thankfully, I have a big inventory built up now and I'm looking into a couple of places in town that I could have a booth at. Plus, I've heard from several Abilene people about good craft shows to attend and am working on getting information on those.

So, all in all, Saturday didn't go AT ALL like I'd plan, but it was still a really great experience. I am forever indebted to Cody and all of the hard work he did for me, plus my mom sacrificed her week and sleep to come and help. We would not have made it without her. Here's a few pictures of my booth {bamboo stalks to the left}:


{we were frantically trying to get everything looking good before the doors officially opened}





Thankfully my first sale was to a friend of mine, so I was able to get her to take a picture with me for the blog!


Sarah and her husband Josh were a HUGE help to us too. They were willing to give up part of their Saturday to help us tear down the booth. We are forever indebted to them! Plus they carried their growth chart around the store and helped us get another sale!

My growth charts were a big hit!


Nearly everyone stopped at my booth to comment on how cute they are. Unfortunately, they would look at the price and completely lose interest. Then we watched them stand there and discuss how you could make it on your own. We finally started telling people - if you only knew how much work they were, you would realize what a good price it is! :)

I should have individual pictures taken soon of all of the product I have left over that I'll share with you, so let me know if you see something you want! All if all it was a unique experience. I'm glad we did it and hope that we'll find a venue that's more successful next time!



  1. Sound's like you had a great time! Your stuff is so cute!!!!

  2. But Abby...the real update we wanted was how those flip flops turned out??
    And where we can order them online?!


  3. I'm sorry it didn't go as you planned but maybe the experience counts for something...right?

    Your stuff is adorable!


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