Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIWW #14

Welcome back for another week of WIWW! I had a lot of fun putting together my outfits this week. We had a brief bit of cold weather last week and now it's officially hot again. The cold made me realize I'm so thankful to be "shopping" in my spring/summer wardrobe! Hope you enjoy!

{all outfits are for work except sunday, for church)


sweater: loft
shirt: old navy
skirt: banana republic factory store
flats: target

This tone on tone outfit came together very randomly: I ended up hanging these two shirt next to each other when I was putting away laundry. If you've visited before, you may know that I love bright colors and typically mix it with a bold pattern. So this turquoise outfit was a little out of my norm, but I really loved it. I felt very June Cleaver in it!

Here's a picture to show you of my Martha Stuart ways :)  {we were getting ready to go to our small group and I had to get some flowers planted before they fried in the heat. I had already slipped into jeans for the night and put the apron on to keep from getting dirt all over me. I hope you appreciate ALL of the turquoise that is in this picture: my shirts, bracelet, furniture AND napkin holder. My house is a color wheel peeps!}




sweater: old navy
shirt: express (circa 2008)
belt: target
skirt: loft

I loved this outfit. Normally I wear a baggy denim shirt with this skirt because it's been a little tight in the past, but I really wanted to wear something bright and fun with it. I kept picking up different items and it slowly came together to this! Now I think it will be hard for me to not wear this skirt with a bright top!




top: gap outlet (forever ago)
belt: target
jeans: old navy ($6!0

I felt like Twiggy in this outfit! (minus the twiggy body shape, of course!) I guess more of a retro 60's feel would be a better way to describe it, but my hair leads me more to Twiggy. I got these cropped jeans a couple weekends ago at Old Navy and I just love them. They are just like the perfect summer jean and I feel super sassy and stylish every time I wear them!




dress & sweater : old navy
belt: target
shoes: target

even though I woke up early, I still somehow ended up running late for church and had to grab something quick. I wore this a week or so ago. I felt good in it then so it was just an easy go to.




dress: Janie's (store in my hometown)
hodge podge of necklaces my mom gave me/made
tights: walmart
shoes: target

Saturday night I went to see Something Borrowed with a group of girls {super cute. definitely suggest you go see it!} We were out rather early and Target was on the way home, so I just had to stop by :)
While I was there, my friend and I were trying on new shoes. I tossed my current shoe on the floor, and the HEEL FEEL OFF!! (they were flats like the ones pictured above.) We took that as a sign from God that I was definitely supposed to buy this new pair!



sweater & tanks: old navy
skirt: thrift store
belt: express

are you tired of this sweater yet? :) I realized as I'm putting this post together that I wore it THREE times over the course of this week - yikes! (though Sunday was only a half day!)  It's just too easy to throw it on and make strapless summer items work appropriate.  I'll try not to wear it as many times next week!

That's my week... let me know if you stop by so I can check out your goods!


  1. I am about to die for a pearl necklace like yours! LOVE! and all of your outfits, too of course. You are too presh!

  2. so cute... I always love your color combos!

  3. You always look so cute! I really love your color choices and your outfits look so cheerful!

  4. Oh my gosh! Just found your blog on Pleated Poppy and I am totally loving it. Now following!

    Hope you'll follow back!

    Ask the Duplex

  5. Just found you on the Pleated Poppy's WIWW...

    Your blog and you are in a word...ADORABLE.


  6. I love your green Gap top and the paisley dress. Ya look great!

  7. your outfits are all adorable! i love the little pops of color and the aqua sandals from target are great (i've got the orange ones ;)

  8. I just LOVE your style. I wanted that pink buffalo check shirt from Target for a long time and your inspiring pics made me order it the other day :) I knew I should've bought it when it was in store over the winter months. Love the black versatile sweater too. I've been shopping for a mini pink belt forever and must pick up those turquoise flats at my next T trip ;) Maybe I should just shop your closet.. ha!


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