Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

One of the long standing jokes between Cody and I throughout the course of our dating and marriage relationship is that he could wear his hair however he wanted, as long as it was shorter than mine.

You might not know it, but way back in the day, my family only knew Cody as "Cody Long Hair."

{I had a couple of friends named Cody. My mom had to get creative on how to remember them.}

The guy has certainly had some long hair:



Gradually it's gotten a bit shorter with every passing year:

{the semester before we started dating}

till we made it to the length he had it at our wedding:

{I definitely remember thinking his hair was short for the wedding. Now I look back and it seems so long!}

As he's gotten more interested in fashion, he's kept his hair shorter and it just looks so darn good:


It also doesn't help that I keep taking my hair a little bit shorter with every passing year. It's like I'm forcing him to cut his off to keep up with our deal!

Well, last week I finally got brave enough to get a pixie cut and I ruined everything.

Or so we thought.

Cody planned it our perfectly to get his hair cut 2 weeks before graduation so that it would be just right by the time it got here. Unfortunately, he was met with an overzealous hair dresser who had a little bit of a hard time getting his bangs straight... resulting in more and more that had to come off.

So now, we're even on our deal. My hair is still longer than Cody's!


So, don't be alarmed when you see a 12 year old boy walking around like this for the next couple of weeks:

{this is also more how I wear my hair... not with my bangs sticking straight down!}

Eventually it will grow back.... right?



  1. Ha, too funny!!

    My hubby and I have the same agreement but he shaves his head now, so I think we're good.

  2. Did you hear me laughing in my office :)? The last two pictures crack me up (not b/c of the hair, but his face!)

  3. Awww his poor little face. Hahaha I can tell that he really hates it! Tell him to take his vitamins so it grows quickly!

  4. thank you for that! chad and i just giggled together as we saw cody's sad face. we really do have sympathy for hubby has a stress-bald spot for goodness sake! i hope it grows back quickly. too bad it's not halloween...he could totally pull off the lloyd christmas in dumb & dumber look! :-P


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