Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dear Heart, Calm Down.

As we were leaving the house tonight to take dinner over to a friend, something in the garden caught my eye.


The quick flicker of a tail and I knew our new "friend" was back.


I slowly peaked around the pole of the porch to see where he was and found myself quite surprised:


Yeah. That's a squirrel. Coming out of our drain pipe.


I found the situation funnier than I probably should have. {though you should have seen me jump every time the wind blew the tail. omg. my heart gets nervous thinking about it now.} Apparently this ambitious squirrel was jumping from the tree to our roof and happened to land so that he went straight down the drain. We've been out of town for several days, so we had no idea when this happened, chalked it up to bad luck on his part and went on our merry way.

Or so we thought.

We ended up getting home much later than we planned after crashing our friend's dinner {thanks Wiley's!} and went to examine the situation to see how we were going to get it out to dispose of it.

Imagine our surprise when we found this:


Um, where did that foot disappear too?!?

Apparently the squirrel was still alive and kickin'.

We then set out on a rescue mission. Cody took a hammer and tried to pry open the drain, as our gets narrow at the bottom.


You've never seen a white boy move so fast every time he thought the squirrel was coming out. {I would have laughed more, but I was running out of the way too}

We {term used loosely, as I only held the flashlight and camera} eventually came up with a plan to detach the drain and carry it to another tree where we could then turn the drain over and dump him out.

So that's what Cody did.


We dumped it in our neighbor's back yard {I feel I need to apologize to Scotty and Hilary... but they just moved out, so the vacant house seemed like the best bet!}


Everything was going fine and dandy... until some how that little varmint turned around in the drain and came out of the wrong end... meaning the one closest to us!! Oh my, I thought I was going to have a heart attack and could see it landing on and attacking Cody. He must have been just as scared of us though, because he took off running in the opposite direction and went into our other neighbor's backyard (sorry Joan!)

We are now slightly regretting our decision to go with a rescue mission... if he's dumb enough to end up in there twice, then he's dumb enough to die!

Anybody got any good suggestions for getting rid of squirrels?!


  1. Oh my gosh, I would have been terrified! I'm glad you got him out alive...for all of your sakes!

  2. You should add some sort of mesh at the end of the drain so the squirrels can't enter :)

  3. I can picture ALL of this and I giggled all the way through this post. Knox would've made short work of that booger, does Dakota not like to eat squirrels, too?


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