Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WIWW #12

Have you jumped on the WIWW bandwagon yet? I promise you, just give one week to linking up to The Pleated Poppy and you'll be hooked!

Here's my outfits from this week:

Wednesday - Work



burn out: possibilities in amarillo, tx
skirt: kohls or penneys, it's too old to remember!
earrings: franchesca's
necklaces: turquoise are handmade, the silver is from Chains of Grace

forgot to take pics of thursday: casual dress & friday, which was a day off & spent in casual clothes.

Saturday: shopping, helping out with church's Easter pageant
{ i look rather tired here... this was taken at the end of a very long day!!}


tank top: old navy
sweater vest: old navy, (recently on clearance!)
shorts: loft (best shorts ever. you need them!)

forgot pictures on Easter. but I will be making Cody & I put on our outfits again just so I can get a pic!

Monday: work



dress & same sweater vest: old navy
belt: target
pearls: f21

{this turned out to be one of my favorite outfits! i loved the belting of the vest! this dress is spaghetti strap, which has kept me from being able to wear it to work. the vest provided just enough coverage to be work appropriate without being too hot in our 90 degree weather!}

Tuesday: work



top: loft
skirt: old navy ($6!)
belt: penney's


old navy had all of their clearance bottoms on sale for $6 saturday! I probably would have glanced at this skirt at full price, but wouldn't want to shell out the money. For $6 though, it will definitely be a fun addition to my summer wardrobe! This skirt was not my best purchase though... I also got FOUR pairs of jeans! Seriously peeps! I couldn't believe my luck... it's so hard to find regular priced jeans that fit well, and I got lucky enough to find them on a huge sale!

I'll leave you with this: my mom sent me an email on Easter with the subject: WIWS


apparently I'm rubbing off on her!

Have a great week!



  1. I was thinking YOU are SO adorable, then I got to the photo of your mom and I saw that it runs in the family :)

  2. LOVE your style! I'm anxious for the weather to warm up here so I can pull out the shorter skirts and summery-shoes! Your mom is gorgeous! :)

    My first time linking up for WIWW - check me out here:


  3. How cute is your mom? That teal shirt is so cute! I really need to try to put more umph in my work wardrobe.

  4. You and your mom are adorable! So so cute!

    And, teal is so your color. Looks great on you.

  5. You have got to be the best accessorizer ever. I swear, you really know how to make an outfit! LOVE them all. (Yay for Old Navy deals!) And how cute is your Mom?!!

  6. You look wonderful :) Each outfit is so well accessorized. I love those earrings from the first day. Also, you totally rock that hairstyle! Seriously I'm not brave enough to have hair that short, but you work it.

  7. I love your use of pops of color. You and your mom are super cute!

  8. I love your hair cut! So cute!

  9. Your adorable! Love all your fabulous accessories!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Shelly xo

  10. Love that your mom got in on the action!

  11. Your accessories rock! You can check out my pick here and link up:

    You might like the necklace!


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