Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WIWW #11

welcome back for another week of what i wore wednesday with the pleated poppy! check out her post to see over 200 different women and get fresh new ideas on how to wear your clothes!

{i can't find my pictures for thursday and friday, which were casual dress days at work. friday i actually described my outfit as "sporty spice" to cody and he completely agreed. which, if you're seen a few of my wiww posts, is *totally* my personality... :) }

sunday: church


cardi: target
shirt & jeans: old navy

monday: work {and my different hair style}



top: loft
skirt & belt : express
necklace: f21
shoes: penneys

as far as my hair goes, i have always loved it when celebrities with short hair wear it like this:
{sorry it's so small and not actually short hair... our internet is oh so slow and I can't find the right one...hopefully you get the gist!}

So I took the time to add volumizer, blow dried it back with a brush, teased it some and had it looking really good. The only problem was that it looked good for a while, but apparently I didn't put enough stuff in it so my part kept showing up. So even though I didn't want to wear the headband, I had to do it to keep my hair from looking rather 80's ish. While it will take some more work and lots more hair product, I really liked the look and will definitely be trying it again. Hopefully I'll nail it next time and not the "different" look that Cody described!

on a different note, some one else was lookin' pretty fine that day too


tuesday: work


dress: express
cami: old navy
shoes: target
necklaces: hodge podge of collected over the years

and this is why it's easier to take your own wiww pictures with a tripod instead of giving your hubby the camera:

see ya next week!


  1. You are SO pretty! Love your outfits, but my favorite is Monday. Gorgeous!

  2. I love the collection of red necklaces

  3. Love that you can sport layered necklaces! They look so pretty on you.

    Yes, short hair has its difficult moments. I try to mix it up, but in the end, we always end up going back to the basic look. I thought you looked adorable with both styles, though.

  4. Adorable outfits, as always! Love the different hair style. Mine is even shorter and there are days when I just want a change in look. But, the way I wear it is put junk in it and go. Too easy to change up I guess. LOL

  5. Love that teal colored top on you and that is a cute hairstyle! I love playing around with my hair and doing different things with it.

  6. you look AH-may-ZING in that teal color. plus, I way dig your red necklace! sweeeeet. you & your guy are cuties together. <3

  7. Love that blue ruffle top! Great outfits!


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