Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Public Apology To My Husband.

{warning: this blog talks about zits. gross, i know. but if you can get past that, you might find a good way to clear them up!}

Several weeks ago, we were getting ready for bed and Cody grabbed the Neosporin, squirted a huge amount out on his finger, and starts slathering it on his face. I, of course, was loudly like, "What in the heck are you doing?!?!" He then explained that he's *always* done this to clear up his breakouts. {my thought- then how come this is the first time I've seen it in 3 yrs you crazy head?!?!?!?!} I then preach to him, in all of my skin care wisdom, that putting Neosporin on your face cannot be good for a breakout because it's so greasy. He just simply says, "Well, a zit is an infection. That's what Neosporin's for, right?"

I knew he had a good point, but I could not accept defeat.

Until now.

Last week I had a lovely spot start showing up on my face. You know you've had it too. A bright red that cannot be covered, not matter how many layers of concealer you put on it. Even worse, it looked like it was going to pop at any moment, for several days straight. Out of exasperation and desperation, I tried putting Neosporin on it one night just to see what it would do. I knew there wasn't much that could make it worse... and I really expected to be saying "I told you so!"

Well I'll be danged people! The majority of the redness was gone the next morning and it was considerably smaller.

I could not believe it. {but secretly, I could. Because he had a really good point with that infection bit.}

I put it on for the following two nights and all I have left now is a little dry skin that should clear up quickly. I am now a firm believer and will probably be coating my face in it the next time I feel the slightest tingle that a breakout could be coming.

So, my dear husband, I am oh so sorry for mocking you that night. Thank you for transforming my skin care regimen!

Hope this helps you too!



  1. Tucking that tip away for a zitty day :) This kind of reminds me of the dad in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" that sprays Windex on everything to fix it, including zits. Wonder if that actually works too...

  2. I love Neosporin for breakouts! Your husband is right - pimples are caused by bacteria, and Neosporin treats bacteria, so it really does help your breakouts.

  3. What?? I'm going to try that!


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