Friday, March 4, 2011


While the large amount of traveling my jobs requires can get rather frustrating at times, there are also as many accounts where I get lucky enough to go work in the panhandle, which means I get to spend time with my family!

Here are some of the snapshots of my week:


{my mom eating a ginormous sandwich at lunch. we kept laughing at how much effort it took to get our mouths around the whole thing!}


{my parents are about to start a kitchen renovation. this will be their new bar shape. I have to admit... seeing all of their plans gives me the bug to do something to our house too!}


{my dad took my WIWW pics on day. for my mom's senior pictures, she posed by a tree and we like to re-inact the picture whenever possible :) This is also a shot of my new lipstick... MAC Red. it's BOLD! it takes a huge dose of "Fake It Till You Make It!" confidence, but it's growing on me every I wear it!}


{my mom and I were shopping one day and saw this ridiculous headband! I put it on so we could take pictures of it and then a sales associate walked up to our area! I was afraid she would get on to us for taking pictures in the store, so we start loudly saying "will Cody like this one or the turquoise one better? I better send him a picture so I can get his opinion" we then busted out laughing after we walked away and got the picture we wanted!}


{Yes, I posed like a mannequin in the Target little girl's section while wearing the sweater I bought from the little girl's section. Yes, we giggled uncontrollably.}


{shopping in my hometown is the best! I love this frame and there were many more items I wanted to purchase!}

it was a wonderful week and I always enjoy spending time at home. new recipes to come later!


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  1. I really like the purple ruffle tank. The lipstick is great!


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