Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Your Next Craft Project

Last month I changed offices and now have a much nicer, larger office to work from. With the new location also came the feeling of wanting to redecorate and I knew what was going to be my inspiration.  I took this picture when I was in Fredericksburg and have been in love with it ever since.


I mean, it's turquoise, distressed and the prefect blend of shabby chic. What's not to love?! The thing is, I didn't just want the picture in my office. I wanted a gallery-wrapped canvas print of this picture so it would truly be the star.

Well, looky what I hung up today:

My first gallery-wrapped print!


Would you believe though, that this fancy print cost me absolutely nothing? Yep. NADA. Here's how:

I used my $25 credit from Shutterfly (for previously blogging on another location about my great experience with them to get Christmas cards) to purchase a 16 x 20 print, along with severl 8x10's,5x7's and other pictures I've been meaning to get printed. I then found an old canvas lying around my house that had seen better days. I painted the edges black and then mod podged the heck out of the print onto the canvas.



I let it dry overnight and then, viola! My own gallery-wrapped canvas print!  When I carried it into my office today, one of my coworkers seriously thought I bought the print somewhere. That's a nice enough compliment for me!

I love that the mod podge and texture of the canvas really show through, making it seem even more authentic!


I am now walking around every room in my house saying, "Yep! I need a canvas there! Ooo, and one there!  Oh but don't forget that spot!"  Hope you have fun gallery-wrapping your house!

{if you were to make this and didn't have a $25 credit to use, I think it would cost anywhere from $10-$20, depending on the size you created. I saw 11x14 prints for around $6-8 and 16x20's from $5-$17, depending on where you order it. Shutterfly had good quality for my print and Sam's also does a good job. If you have a really nice professional print, you may want to find an online store to use that will have a higher resolution and make for a nicer picture. You can then find canvas for cheap at Hobby Lobby and mod podge to your hearts desire! Enjoy!}

I'm linking up with Shanty2Chic for I made it without my hubby! Check out some great projects over there!



  1. That looks GREAT! Love it! Hmm, giving me ideas...

  2. That is absolutely genius. And that picture was already gorgeous, but the larger size just makes it all the more stunning. Nicely done!

  3. wow! i would have never thought of that-love the picture and it looks great

  4. Great idea! I'll have to try this very soon. ~Merrilee

  5. wow! i would have NEVER thought that you made that canvas yourself! it looks awesome! wonderful job!

  6. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Love it! YOu did a fabulous job. I love the picture!

  8. LOVE that!!! What a great pic!

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  10. so neat,, i love the colors in your picture.

  11. I absolutely love this picture and I love this project! It looks incredible!!! Adding this to my list!


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