Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It's that time again! Thankfully we have seen some sunshine around these parts. I feel more inspired with my outfits when I know I'm looking forward to a sunny, cheerful day! Now I just wish I had an instant tan to go with the sunshine :)

Thursday- Work



sweater: gap (oct, clearance) shirt: walmart (jan, clearance) belt: old navy (last year, clearance) skirt: loft (last march) boots: target

Can you sense a theme with my shopping? :)

If you haven't tried layering a denim shirt with a sweater over it, you definitely should. Call me crazy, but I felt like a million bucks wearing this! It's taken a lot for me to not wear some form of this sweater/shirt/skirt combo every day!

EXTRA! Thursday - Work {from a special guest!}


my husband was feeling pretty snazzy so I snapped his photo too. He wanted to make sure everyone saw his matching socks. If there's one thing my husband is, it's crazy about his matching color socks! {it's becoming a problem... we're having to buy new sweaters to match the socks he got for Christmas!}

Friday - work, casual dress



jeans: old navy (years old) shirt: from work cardigan: old navy (last year) headband: F21 (last year)

in case you saw this post and have anxiously been awaiting an answer... I didn't wear the headband! My mom is totally disappointed. She did have a good quote for me: "It's not about how hard Jillian Michaels wants you to work, it's all about being the cutest in the gym!" Honestly... I was slightly tempted to wear it while working out, but I was more concerned with not getting my headband sweaty! So next time I'm in F21, I may have to pick up another cute headband to wear during workouts! :)

Saturday night: Celebrating Valentine's and the hubby's birthday!

{we called dakota over and told him to sit. he totally looked at the camera and posed for us!}


shirt & sweater: target (the little girls section! super cute clothes and they're cheaper!) shorts: loft tights:franchesca's boots: target

Sunday Church and reworn Monday for work :)



shirt: walmart skirt: loft (sept.) belt: target (again, little girls! $8.. perfect for your actual waist!) boots: target bracelet: F21 (last year)

I really enjoyed my outfits from this week! I'm going to have to try pretty hard to come up with outfits that I like better over the coming days!

Last thing... if you've stopped by for a few WIWW, you may remember this post when I showed how to go from work to date night by sprucing up your make up and putting on a pair of heels.

I received several compliments on my makeup with that post. Here are my eyes:

Along with the compliments came many comments that you wouldn't know where to begin on eye makeup like that. Well, if you're interested in finding out how I did it, stop back by tomorrow! I took step by step pictures this weekend and will post a tutorial tomorrow!

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

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  1. You are so sassy (that's a good thing!) Now I want a yellow belt!

  2. Loved your in the dotted jacket, so cool :)

  3. I am in love with your adorable polka-dot and checks outfit!! I just might have to copy you! (I love the kids section too!!)

  4. Luurve ALL your outfits! Especially the red mixed patterns. I have so got to spruce up to look a tad 'younger' with my mix up clothing. Pssstt...also {heart} that you shop clearance etc. I'm a HUGE thrifty shopper.

  5. your layers are so fun! thanks so much for linking up!

  6. I am sooooo coming back tomorrow to see how you do your eyes...I'm the WORST with makeup! And huge 'DUH' to me, I can NEVER find belts that will fit around my waist, and it never occurred to me to look in the kids' section!!!!

  7. LOVE LOVE your WIWW post. I actually saw the Target outfit & thought "I could be friends with this girl in real life!" LOL

  8. Love that first look. You are great at pairing patterns and colors. Also love the look of the pink plaid gingham shirt with the polka dot cardi. Super fun!

    p.s. LOVE your name. ;)

  9. LOVE the eyeshadow! I have that same denim shirt - we heart Miley! I LOVE the V-day outfit - polka dots and check - never woulda think it! LOOKED adorable!

  10. I love it! But the yellow belt outfit is my favorite!
    Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  11. Oh you bet I'm coming back for that tutorial!! Love your outfits this week, especially the first one! Now I need a denim shirt. Laughed at your hubby's socks :)

  12. Great outfits this week Abby! I really like the denim shirt/sweater combination. I like a button up and cardigan any day! Thanks for sharing!


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