Saturday, February 26, 2011


I know you have all been anxiously awaiting hearing about how our night went with the photographer. {Here's the pictures in case you missed them!}

I have to start with the prep work first. When I committed to cooking on Thursday, I knew we were also signing up for a deep cleaning in our kitchen!

This included but was not limited too:

Cloroxing the sugar and flour containers


Removing the random clutter that has been sitting on this shelf for too long


and organizing the photos on the fridge! (sorry there's no picture!)

Funny how there's such pressure for a stranger to come take a few pictures!

The photographer got there right on the dot at 6:30. I already had everything laid out on the counter so it was ready to go when she got there. Have you ever cooked in front of a stranger? Let me tell ya... it's kinda awkward! First, I felt pressure to make conversation with her because she was going to be there a while. {she was really nice at least!} Second, I got super self-conscious of how I was cooking... I mean, normally when I drop something on the counter, I'll just pick it up and put it in the bowl. No big deal. But when someone else is standing there watching you, not so! It was like I felt like some how she could photograph it! Ha!

Once I moved past my fears of her seeing my real life cooking, it went really smoothly. The recipe was really simple {a vegetarian quesadilla} and I'll post it on here once the article has been published. It was my first time to cook with chilies in adobo sauce and I am definitely a fan! They had such great flavor. I was afraid Cody wasn't going to like the quesadillas because the recipe called for mayo {which he loathes! sometime I'll tell you about the only meal I've made that he wouldn't eat because of the mayo.} but he really liked it too.

The photographer took about 20ish pictures, but only 2 or 3 will show up in the paper. It should appear on Wednesday and if it's online, I'll definitely share it here!

This was a fun opportunity and definitely something I would love to do again! Let me know if you want an autographed cody of the paper :)


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