Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's a Giveaway!

EDITED:  Guess what?! We're at 50 followers!! It's party time!  The giveaway will end at midnight Friday night (the 11th). I'll announce the winner sometime on Saturday. Just FYI... there could be an additional prize thrown in. Maybe something that starts with * and ends with $! Spread the word and submit your entries!

Oh my. Our snow day was absolutely wonderful. We slept in, ate food that hasn't been allowed on the diet, watched several movies {definitely recommend How To Train Your Dragon and Red!} and just all around enjoyed our day off.

We also got some great news about 6:30 tonight... we're getting ANOTHER snow day tomorrow! Abilene is not usually a city to freak out when it comes to weather. The district does not cancel things unnecessarily. They were certainly justified in letting us all stay home. We had at least 6 inches of snow all over the ground this morning, with drifts at least a foot high in some areas. The main problem was that the snow was covering up at least 1/2 in of ice. Considering the high today was 20, it never got warm enough to melt anything, so it's still an icy mess outside. Cody ventured out very briefly to return some Redbox movies and said the roads were crazy. We have stayed in our comfy clothes all day and really have no plans to change out of them any time soon! :)

Now, a snow day is not good for office productivity, but it's certainly good for my bloggers!
I spent the day working on my craftiness and I'm wanting to share it with you!

That's right... these cuties are up for grabs!


I've picked up several new followers over the last few weeks and I'm thisclose to having 50! To celebrate, you have a chance to win some sassy goods! {BTW, they can be worn either as a pin or slide onto a headband!}

You have three chances to enter:
1. Be a follower of Life At It's Finest! (just click the button the the left that says follow!)
2. Follow Life At It's Finest! in Google Reader (or your reader of choice)
3. Tweet about the giveaway- Make sure to include @abbynein in your tweet!

Leave a separate comment for each entry. The giveaway won't end until there are officially 50 followers, so it will be a few days! I'll update this blog when we hit 50 and post the official ending time!

Thanks for being a follower! Stay warm!



  1. Google reader? I think I have that. But Im reading your blog on a public computer in Panama, so if not, I think it still counts!

  2. I finally got around to finding your Blog! So cute! Love the pins too! :) So, that's how you always have such cute accessories!! :)

  3. So glad you reminded me to come comment! I meant to do that (kinda like my blog, ugh!)... bc I love these flowers you make! I def follow you on Google Reader - my fav. Gonna blow up your comments now...

  4. I thought I was following you already on friend connect, but I guess I wasn't. I am now!

  5. I am pretty sure I now have you on Google Reader!!!


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