Monday, January 31, 2011

Fake It Till You Make It! Monday

It's once again time for Fake It Till You Make It! Monday. In case you missed the first post, check it out to see what FITYMI is all about!



{boots: target skirt: loft sweater: gap denim shirt: walmart}

I *loved* this outfit! I bought this skirt several months ago, yet I've never quite worked up the confidence to wear it. I've tried the skirt on several times to wear it out, but the combination of the bold pattern and form fitting {is that a nice way to say it's tighter than I normally wear stuff? :) } have kept me from following through with wearing it.

Last week, on a total fluke, I was hanging up clothes in my closet and happened to stick the sweater by this skirt. That's when I realized what the skirt was missing: I needed a looser shirt to make up for tightness in the skirt! I originally just planned on wearing it with a cami underneath, but then found the denim shirt at walmart this week and knew I shouldn't pass it up. {I missed out on the memo that a denim shirt was going to be back in style. After seeing them on several fashion blogs I put it on my want list. And for $7, I knew I could fulfill that want!} When I tried the outfit on with the denim shirt, it just felt complete. It definitely has a different vibe than what I normally wear... maybe it was layering different textures than what I'm used to... I'm not really sure what was different but wearing this outfit definitely boosted my confidence and kept me feeling great about myself all day long!

Did you Fake It Till you Make It! today?



  1. Denim shirt! I love it. Shameful that we live 5 (give or take) states apart.. we would be perfect shopping buddies. I totally want a denim shirt. I really like the FITYMI Monday's!


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