Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Is The Story Of A Girl.

Do you know what happens when you promise a girl a full day of uninterrupted crafting, with only one small catch?

The house needs to be cleaned first so the girl can fully enjoy the uninterrupted craft day.

Obviously, the pull of a craft day won out, so the girl put on HGTV and slowly started picking up bits and pieces in the living room, collecting fall decorations that will no longer need to be displayed, cleared off the kitchen table and then found herself dusting.

Then the girl wandered into the kitchen and as she was washing the dishes, had a moment of inspiration. What if I moved this here, and that there, and those back here? So the girl moved and rearranged and scrubbed the countertops clean and when she was finished, her kitchen was spotless and she TRIPLED her usable counterspace.

Now the girl gets to fully take advantage of her day off and craft her little heart out! Stay tuned for pics of the kitchen and the crafts!

{don't worry, the girl was really considerate and saved the vacuuming for the boy!}

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