Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kitchen Updates

Do you remember The Story Of A Girl?

I know you have all been dying in eager anticipation to see how I tripled our counterspace.

Once I got the bug to rearrange our kitchen and I spent a few minutes really thinking through the layout of o and how I wanted to use the space, I couldn't believe that I never stopped to think through it before! I left the microwave where it was because that's where it was when we moved in and it was near a plug.

Here is the counter our microwave was on before: (to the right of the sink) {and excuse the mess.. I felt like it helped make a more dramatic difference!}

And here is that same space now!

Unbelievable huh?!

Our microwave now sits on this little shelf we've had in the kitchen to store some of our bigger cooking items {Crockpot, blender, waffle maker...}

This is what that shelf used to look like:

This is the before to the left of our stove.

And here's the after!

I don't have a picture that is of the right of the stove/left of the sink, but here is the after:

Previously I had my Kitchen Aid where the bowl of fruit is and it really was just not the best place! While I love my Kitchen Aid, it is pretty huge and bulky, so when I tried to wash dishes, I would end up laying towels around the mixer and lost a lot of space to it! Now I have the full counter to work with and I could not be happier with the changes!

It's certainly amazing what taking a few simple minutes to think outside of the box can do for you!

{p.s..... don't hate on our wood cabinets and wood counter tops :) our kitchen is just an explosion of wood... but hopefully over the holidays I might be able to work some magic with some counter top paint!!}


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