Monday, November 15, 2010

Bedroom Makeover!

I received a phone call on Thursday letting me know that several stores were having some good Veteran's Day sales and I might should go check them out.

When I had a VIP coupon in my inbox from JCPenney's on Friday, I knew it was obviously a sign from the Lord! Cody got me a new comforter for our anniversary, but the pillows we had for our other comforter (black and red pillows) were just too harsh for it. I then got to busy with work and really neglected to get our bedroom put together. With my coupon in hand, I sat out to Penney's on Sunday in hopes of finally completing our bedroom!

Here is the before: {just keeping it real people!}

And here's the after!
{click to make bigger}

Here's a close up of the pillows:

I LOVE the color combination! I never would have dreamed to put a rust orange color with the turquoise comforter, but I think it turned out great! I was apprehensive when I first started walking around the store because most of the pillows were made to be a part of a bedspread set that was no where near my design! I found a few brown pillows that might have worked, but I wasn't too sure how the brown would look with all of the black we have in our bedroom.

I had just about given up hope when I found the clearance section. Suddenly, I was no longer having problems finding pillows: I found too many! I loved the oversize jade green pillows and thought they would work in place of European shams. The rust orange pillows came in a two pack, and the silver gray one was alone. It was marked down to 5.97, so I knew that even if it didn't end up in our bedroom, it was still coming home with me! I was a little nervous about the price of everything. The jade pillows were marked $25 apiece and the orange pillows were $20 for the set. I knew I might not be able to get all of them, but I thought I would have them ring everything up to see what it cost {with my coupon of course - additional 20% off!} and then see what I would put back.

Am I ever glad I decided to check the prices! The jade pillows actually rang up for TEN DOLLARS apiece! {Normally $50!} The orange set also ended up being on sale for $15. All in all, I only ended up paying $50 and I saved $175!! A HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS YALL! I was so excited about my good deal and immediately came home to set up our room. I still think we might need one more small, fun shaped pillow, but for now our room looks a little more homey!

Next on the list will be curtains! I'll have some free time over the Thanksgiving holiday and make work on or search for some then, but I'm not sure what color to lean towards. I need a color that will work well with this comforter and with our black and cream damask bedspread, because I know I will change them in and out. JCPenney's had some GORGEOUS deep plum curtains, which I thought would work with both and would be an unexpected pop of color, but I wanted to hold off and think about it a little bit. If you can think of a color that would look good, I would definitely appreciate the help!

Thanks for the tip to head out to the sales!! I LOVE the results and am so thankful I hit the stores!



  1. Girl, you done good! I love the bedside lamps and the color combo is very fun. Unexpected and perfect. Don't you just want to settle in with a good book now? :)

  2. I love the color combo too! Looks really good! :)


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