Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

What a wonderful birthday weekend!

Anyone in my family could very easily tell you that I LOVE to celebrate my birthday... and I believe we should celebrate for at least two months :) However, celebrating birthdays is a little different once you move away from home and you're not in college with friends.

This birthday was the first time I had plans with friends on my actual birthday. Krystal, Lauren and I took a road trip to San Angelo to go visit Amanda. We had a great day catching up together over lunch at a fun deli and pedicures. They indulged my self-love of my birthday and let me wear a tiara Cody bought me for my birthday. It was just so refreshing to spend the day laughing and without a care.

Cody and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Abuelo's last night and planned to do our main celebrating tonight. I chose Olive Garden to kick off our party. We were super lucky to be put in a section that didn't have anyone else in it. We enjoyed our soup (for Cody) and salad (for me), but unfortunately Cody got sick right as they brought our food. We asked for to-go boxes and the ticket and were pleasantly surprised when waitress brought the items back, along with a Celebration Cake that was a gift from someone in the store. We have a slight idea of who it may have come from and are super appreciative of the gesture.

Once we got home I tucked Cody into bed. He only wanted to lay down for an hour, but he's been out for about 2 hours now so I think his body just needed some rest. I caught up on some tv shows and finished off my latest project... a cover for my camera strap! It was way more work than I thought it would be, but now my camera matches my love for color!

All in all it has been a fantastic birthday weekend and I believe I kicked off twenty six in style. After the year we have had, I firmly believe it can only go up from here! I' off to go soak up a few more minutes of relaxation before another work week begins!



  1. Happy birthday Abby! It sounds like you had a wonderful and fabulous day!

  2. Birthday fun! Hate that Cody got sick but glad you got to celebrate with friends hubby alike. I need to see pics of the camera strap!

  3. Happy birthday! Hope your year continues to be an absolutely fabulous one!


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