Saturday, July 3, 2010

Anniversary Fun!

Last year Cody and I were fortunate enough to get to go to Dallas for our anniversary weekend, but thanks to our long vacation in Cleveland this year (ha!) we had to get a little more creative with how we were going to celebrate.

We decided that we would both plan a date for the weekend. Cody ended up spilling the beans pretty early on about what we were going to do for his date, but I kept mine a surprise. I even made him wear a mask on the way there to keep in a secret as long as possible.

He was obviously very excited about my date.
I took us to Mine By Design, a paint your own pottery place!

Here's a close up of my bowl:
And here's Cody's:

(Make sure you notice Dakota on the surf board!)
The colors look dull right now, but they will end up really bright once they finish them.

After we finished painting, I planned on taking us out to Lucy's for dinner. Lucy's is a hole in the wall place out in Tuscola that serves delicious burgers. We've tried about 3 different times to go out there and it's been closed every time. I made sure to check and see what time they closed and that we would have plenty of time to eat after we finished painting.

We walked into the restaurant at 8:03 and the waitress greets us with, "I'm sorry but we're closed!" Of course I was like, "No, I checked... you're supposed to be open till 9!" Sadly, they had just shut off the grills so we were out of luck. We did at least get a little bit of their famous ice cream, but we're beginning to think it's never going to happen for us to eat at Lucy's!

We headed back into town and were planning on eating at Chick-Fil-A (a staple in our marriage!) but passed the Home Place on our way back in. We decided we might as well stop and see if they're open. While they were technically closed, the owner had a private party going on and said it wouldn't be any more trouble for us to join in with the buffet line.

So, my date certainly didn't go as planned, but Cody and I got a good laugh out of it. It was surely a reminder that marriage is ALWAYS an adventure and everyone is much happier if you just roll with the punches and smile when plans change.

More to come tomorrow!

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