Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Surgery Schedule

Many people have asked about when certain things will be so I wanted to pass on my schedule so you would have an idea of what I’m doing every day and what to be praying for. We are currently waiting to fly out of Abilene and will make it to Cleveland at 4:30.

Thursday, March 11 – 9:30 Lab Work
11:00 – Meeting with Dr. Krasuski (Heart Doctor)

Friday, March 12 - Time TBD – Heart Cath (I have to call in the night before and find out when to go in)

Monday, March 15 - 10:30 – Pre-Op Clearance and possible EKG
1:30 – Meeting with Dr. Pettersson (Surgeon, pronounced Patterson)

Tuesday, March 16- Time TBD – Surgery

As soon as we know times on some of these specific events we’ll update the blog. Cody will have my phone if I’m not available to update people and he will be updating Twitter and Facebook.

You can either check Facebook, our blog or Twitter ( to hear how things are going. I will try to post another update in some of our free time in between flights.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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